So you want to be a nicely dressed guy, but your not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

Keep reading for our guide on tips for dressing your best, outfit ideas we love, and more!

1. Find Your Own Personal Style

When someone is dressing the way they think they should, rather than how they want to, it shows. If you’re uncomfortable in your clothing, there is no way you will feel great about the way you look. Owning your style brings confidence, a must for anyone who wants to look their best.

2. Know the Setting

Dressing appropriately for an occasion is so important when considering your outfit for the day. Knowing when you should dress up or when you can be more casual comes with analyzing the occasion.

When in doubt, overdressing is much better than being underdressed. Being underdressed gives a lazy appearance, whereas overdressing will make you look respectful and dapper.

3. Suit It up

While some men try to avoid wearing a suit, it is a sure way to look stylish, clean and professional. However, wearing a suit can go terribly wrong if it isn’t the right fit. Getting your suit professionally fitted is worth the minor inconvenience.

Having a few classic suit styles in your closet that are simple and well fitted will assure that you can be ready for any suit-worthy event or occasion.

4. Up Your Watch Game

A nice watch is possibly the most important accessory a man can own. Getting a classic style that is comfortable and functional can take your outfit to the next level. Consider having one nicer watch for work meetings or special occasions, and one that is more every day so that you have a watch for any look you’re going for.

5. Stylish Shoes

If you want a polished look, make sure you’re covering every aspect of your outfit, from head to toe. For work and elevated events, splurging on a nice pair of dress shoes or loafers can make sure your look is complete.

For more casual scenes, you still want to make sure that your shoes are stylish and in good condition.

If you’re going for an athletic look, consider a trendy pair of tennis shoes that still function for whatever sport you do. If you’re enjoying a beachside vacation, get a stylish pair of men’s casual sandals. The biggest mistake men will make when it comes to shoes is opting for their old worn-in, ratty sneakers or flip flops, which makes their look flop entirely.

6. Know When To Experiment

It can be really fun to try out new looks but knowing when and how is important to make sure you don’t look like a mess.

A lot of men stick to wearing only neutrals because they’re afraid that they might not incorporate color successfully. If you want to experiment with your professional wear, try a colored suit instead of sticking to just black or navy. We love a deep green suit for when your craving something different.

When it comes to incorporating pops of color into your ensembles, the rule is simple: keep it minimal. Details such as a mustard, pink or sky blue pocket squares or ties are a nice way to make your outfit pop. Making your outfit stand out shows your confidence in your ability to style yourself.

7. Press to Impress

It doesn’t matter if you have the most stylish clothes if you’re not properly caring for them. There are some simple ways you can make sure your clothes are in great shape.

Buy some wooden hangers for your suits and dress shirts, and shoe hangers to organize your shoes. Make sure you’re using a good detergent and using the wash instructions on your garments. Dry cleaning your suits are a great way to make sure they stay is top-notch condition.

When you’re getting ready for work, make sure all of your clothes are freshly ironed. Consider getting a steamer for your more casual pieces, it’s a quick way to get rid of wrinkles. Avoid a wrinkled or crinkled outfit at all cost, it’s a sure way to look like a slob.

8. Keep a Polished Appearance

While keeping your clothes in good shape is a key to a polished look, it’s nothing if it’s not paired with a polished appearance. Routine grooming is a must for men who want to look great. Take care of yourself, and your body from head to toe by figuring out the best grooming routine for you.

Having a nice clean haircut, as well as groomed facial hair is a good way to pull off a professional look. Find hair products that help keep your hair styled and in place for an all-day clean look.

Something some men forget about it their nails. While you may think this is more important for ladies, having clean and cut nails is also very important for men.

Finish a nice look off with your favorite cologne for a clean-cut style that will complete your impressive outfit.

The Guide to a Nicely Dressed Guy

If you think your look is in need of an upgrade, these styling tips for men can help.

A nicely dressed guy will look professional, put together, and confident in the workplace as well as outside of it. Keep these tips in mind next time your shopping and you can’t go wrong.

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