Colors are a personal thing, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. And there are many among us who almost always wear that one color – BLACK. Be it a cocktail party or a casual meeting, black clothes are all their closet has. From head to toe, donning black shoes, black leather jackets, black pants, and black shirts never go out of style. It is the chicest and foolproof way of getting dressed and thus, we have accumulated a list of reasons why wearing all black is a growing fashion trend.

It works with every hair color and every skin tone

Whether you are milky fair or wheatish, the black in your wardrobe would highlight it. Black outfits are also figure-flattering. They don’t make you look extremely skinny or obese. A black jacket with a black spaghetti top or a black dress with black long boots and you are ready.

Black is a go color for every occasion and every season

Black clothes 2

The black color signifies several things, but to fashion, it is a perennial color. Seasons come and go but this color looks contemporary and timeliness depending on how it is styled. Irrespective of the season or occasion, a black outfit is the embodiment of elegance – a Safe Choice, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you are traveling to your next destination or attending the New Year Eve’s Party, a black head-to-toe look can take you anywhere. It never goes out of style.

It allows you to go erratic with accessories

Accessorizing is another way to pep up a monochromic outfit. Pair your dress with an accessory that renders a contrast look. Imagine a black velvet straight-fit dress with a bright red handbag –absolutely Instagram worthy, isn’t it? Besides, a black dress can be a perfect backdrop for showing off something fancy. For instance, a white shell necklace and vintage glasses on a long sleeve black top and a leather skirt look Avant-grade and chic.

Black clothes camouflage any stains

Having Indian curry or red wine spilled on your dress, none of them are going to be visible on black. That’s really not a reason why people wear black but why not? It sure disguises all the stains. Well, almost all the stains.

It can be layered endlessly

Can you imagine layers upon layer of green or pink clothes? Or turquoise for that matter? Don’t you think you will look like a clown performing in the circus? You see, colors do look vibrant but too many layers – uh uhh. The absence of colors creates an illusion and thus, you can not only layer black clothes endlessly but also look like a bomb.
Black clothes are indeed bold, beautiful and confidence-boosting apparel. People often are complemented and told that they look classy. But the most common reason why black garments are an increasing trend is that they give an immense amount of positive vibes. Black makes people feel that it gratifies their character. So if you are one of those who love Black, it is because it makes you feel YOU!