Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with chasing after the latest trends. Neither is there anything wrong with having an eye out for what’s chic and what’s not, including pavement clothing. However, there’s a very fine line between being fashionable and being obsessed. Here is a list of signs to determine whether you’re obsessed with fashion or not:

  1. You’ve Tried All The Trends (At least Once):

    The thing about any industry is the fact that they’ve never really been known to be stagnant. This implies that constant changes in mindsets deter changes in industries. However, while other industries go through changes annually or later, the fashion industry changes on a daily basis. With all the new trends that are coming out every single day, people get confused pretty easily.
    That is, people unlike yourself. One of the telltale signs of someone who’s obsessed with clothes is someone who’s tried every single trend. Be it risky or comfy – you’ve born it all.

  2. Your Wardrobe Is Running Out Of Space:

    It goes without saying that if you’re obsessed with shopping, your wardrobe will bear witness. In fact, if someone is obsessed with buying clothes, they’re wardrobe is probably packed. Here’s the thing, it’s okay to want to have everything at the store. We’ve all been there, trust me. Nevertheless, there is a thin line between wanting everything and actually getting all of it. Your wardrobe isn’t supposed to be monotone (unless you want it to be).
    On the other hand, it isn’t supposed to be jam-packed either.

  3. Sale Chasing:

    Who here doesn’t love a good sale? Even if you pass by a store you’ve never really loved, you’ll go in if there’s a sign saying ‘SALE.’ Sales are a god-send to so many people. It comes by once every so often and means you can get anything you’ve wanted at a price you can afford. Repeat after me: Affordability doesn’t mean necessity.

  4. You’re Following Fashion Inspirations On Social Media:

    Instagram is clear grounds for following anyone who ‘influences’ you. It’s pretty understandable if you’re following more than a thousand accounts with nearly half of them being public pages. If you’re obsessed with clothes, you will probably have a hard time looking at their outfits and not want to put the same one together for yourself.
    We get it, you have that basic white shirt and all you need to look like Jennifer Garner is a leather jacket. The fact of the matter, however, is that you don’t have to look like Jennifer Garner. You’ll probably never wear that leather jacket again, but hey! It’s Jennifer Garner.

  5. Magical Powers Of Differentiation:

    So far, you being obsessed with clothes has been sort of over the edge. Yet there is one redeeming factor that comes with this obsession. That, my friend, is the magical power of differentiation. Now, when it comes to style, there are many brands out there that aren’t made for it. You can walk into any store and get a leather jacket. However, which store sells the best ones and which ones are just tacky? Someone should ask you.

  6. Style Trumps Comfort:

    Models for many well-known brands have walked out on the runway in the most elaborate of dresses. Some of them have wings on them and some of them walk the ramp in ten-inch heels. The simple fact is that they’re on the runway. The entire point of them being there is to make a statement and attract views. For them, style should trump comfort. However, it would make no sense for you to walk around in a size 38 shoe just because it’s a cute pair.
    The style should never trump comfort. If you’re obsessed with clothes, you need to take a look at your feet and count all the blisters. Hint: Anything more than one is a bad sign.

  7. Fashion Do’s And Don’ts Are Your Forte:

    Over time, your obsession has morphed itself into a fashion inspiration of its own. With all the trying and buying – you know just what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps this is because you’ve worn all the do’s and do not’s and this got you to the place that you are. Comparing notes on outfits has come in handy after all.

  8. You Know All The Best Stops:

    A person can’t simply claim that they’re obsessed with clothes. This obsession comes as a manifestation of sorts in their actions. For a person obsessed with clothing and fashion, it manifests when you go to the mall. The mall is probably where your will power is tested. With all the stores, countless sales and clothes ready to be bought. You’re really challenging yourself there.
    However, if you were to go with a friend who has something in mind, it’ll be different. How? Say this friend wants to get a form-fitted dress. They’ve asked you to come along with them. This was probably a smart move on their part knowing how you know all the best stops. In hindsight, you have the mall map memorized.

  9. You Make Up Outfits In Your Mind:

    Experience really does bring out the best in people. I mean, in this case, your experience might have given you some superpowers. Sure, your closet is gasping for air at this very moment, but you have a skill set. Of primary importance in this newfound skillset is your ability to be able to make up outfits in your mind.

  10. See it, Want it – Might Not Need it:

    To end this list, we’ll go with a piece of fashion advice. Just because something is cute, chic or it catches your eye doesn’t equate to ‘add to cart.’ This is a simple rule: Never Over-do It. The fact is that so many women overdo it when it comes to shopping that it feels immature. While your obsession might have it’s pro’s and con’s, this is where you need to draw the line.


To conclude, it can be very easy to overdo it when it comes to buying clothes. Fashion obsession isn’t necessarily a wrong thing, provided that there is a fine line maintained. For fashionistas, one thing even better than clothes is cheap clothes. Happy shopping but don’t add too much to your cart.