Curvy hips, wide thighs and a pronounced butt are the main features of women who have Pear Shaped Figure. Many pear-shaped bodies also feature small bust, narrow shoulders, and a well-defined waist. Keep your proportions under control by highlighting the upper part of your body while giving less emphasis to the lower part. You will look fantastic with just a few fashion tricks.

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Below are some tips which tell you How to Dress if you’ve got a Pear Shaped Figure

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  •  Choose blouses with bright colors and printsThe main objective of dressing a pear-shaped body is to highlight the torso and divert attention from the hips and thighs. Dress the upper part of your body with brightly colored garments and large prints.
  • Wear clothes whose neckline is suitable.  Wide necklines and round necklines visually widen your shoulders. Necklines that enhance the appearance of the bust such as heart necklines highlight the bust, making it look bigger.
  • Keep in mind the way you have your clothes left. Choosing between tight clothes and loose clothes can be difficult, since both have their pros and cons. Wear blouses that are tight at the waist and make her look slim. Loose blouses should be slightly longer to cover the hips and provide proportion to the shoulders.
  • Wear decorated clothes. Blouses that have ornaments near the neck make the shoulders and neck look longer. Choose a variety of blouses that have rhinestones, bows or necklaces near the neck. These can be long or short, since both fulfill the same function of directing attention to the upper part and giving less emphasis to the lower part.
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  • Choose blouses that have a suitable length. Wear blouses that cover your hips that are under the hip bone, that cover your torso and the widest part of your hips.  On the other hand, you should avoid short blouses so as not to direct attention to the middle section of your body, which would be too close to your hips to look good.
  • Use dark colors. From a visual perspective, dark colors provide a slimming effect and do not attract attention; the eye tends to overlook dark colors. Denim is also suitable, but wears dark tones and never wears jeans of medium or light tones.  In addition to losing weight, these will look good with almost any blouse in your wardrobe.
  • Get pants with the right shape. Like your blouses, you have to create a ratio between the size of your legs and the rest of your body. Choose straight-cut or flared pants at the bottom. Very thin pants will highlight the size of your hips and your bottom. While pants or jeans that are of the same width or slightly more at the calf and ankle area will divert attention from your midsection. Avoid tight pants, as they are the least favorable for a pear-shaped body.
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  • Choose some skirts that favor you. Skirts that reach the knees or ankles are perfect for women whose body is pear-shaped. This direct attention to the end point, unlike the short skirts that force the eye to look at the widest part of your body. Wear skirts that start just above your hips, near your waist, and are not taller than your knees. Avoid tight skirts and wear those that have creases or rhinestones embellishments at the bottom hem and that direct attention to the voluptuous lower part of your body without adding volume to your hips. Placing these details at the knees or below can even help you balance your hips.