Dresses come in varieties of forms and shapes and it is meant for different occasions. One such dress type in fashion is a sheath dress.

Most of you don’t know that even a sheath dresses have various types and forms, sometimes it has more of a formal silhouette and sometimes it has a little flare and casual.

Sheath dress has a basic construction and it can be easily identified if you look at it. Generally, all sheath dresses have a straight cut with a nice fit. In most of the sheath dress, you will notice that it is nipped at the waistline with no waist seam. It is because of the construction of a sheath dress that is formed by combining the bodice and skirt darts.  So the dress has more emphasizes on the waist as its skirt portion stay fitted.

Trends keep on coming and going and the types of women sheath dress in the market has gone beyond count. It comes in many patterns and lengths. In the market, you will still encounter women sheath dress that has short sleeves and reaches till your knee-length.

  1. Plain Long Sheath Dress.

It is one of a kind of sheath dress that can be seen worn mostly by businesswomen and political women. It is a perfect combination of elegance and confidence. Such sheath dress falls relatively lower than the knees and is usually unadorned and plain with some statement accessories to highlight the personality.

  1. One with Pleats

Now here comes an informal type of women sheath dress which is simple and mostly one of the maximum time-worn attire. It has got little pleats on the dress to give little chic appeal. It is one such item which will work in almost all events.

  1. Neckline Styles Variations.

Earlier the neck design was very limited and in women sheath dress it used to stay very rigid. Now the neck style has got a lot of variations, you can even see, beading on the neck to draws the eye up to the face.

Those neck styles that offer a bit more volume or interesting detail up top is ideal for women who are bulkier on top. Such sheath dress helps to even out the proportions of the lower body.

No matter what type of women sheath dress you choose, it is going to make your tummy look flattens and end up creating the look of a more defined waist.

  1. Patterned Fabric and Printed Sheath Dress.

Though the plain and monotone colored sheath dress is a good option for formal occasions. Printed and pattern sheath dress has recently gained a lot of popularity. It is a great combination to give even more definition to your waist. Pattened fabric is a great way to distract the attention of one specific problem area.

  1. Flowy Women Sheath Dress.

Women sheath dress serves a basic purpose for all the ladies, it is especially popular because of its waist-enhancing seams and a form-fitting cut to play up balanced proportions. To enhance the effect further it comes in a light flowy fabric that shapes easily to the contours of the body.   Fabrics with some stretch or softness, such as rayon, silk, and cotton blends, etc are ideal.

  1. Wrist Variation of a Sheath Dress.

You have many options, from wrist-length sleeves, three quarter or sleeveless sheath dress, you can choose according to your comfort. For women who don’t want to show their hands or having extra fat can go for 3-4th sleeves.

  1. Built-in a Curves Sheath Dress.

A sheath dress with built-in curves is ideal for women who want their silhouette to look perfect in the dress. Such a dress gives you a great shape. While choosing for built-in curves sheath dress always look for a fitted bodice with darts seaming throughout the torso. If you are curvy then such dress will further help to create a defined, feminine silhouette.

Next time you go shopping explore all the types of sheath dress available in the market and pick up what suits your body type the best.