Sweatshirts are one of the major components present in the wardrobe of almost every man. The reason for this is that they are not only comfortable but also are stylish additions to the men’s wardrobe, while are excellent options for both lounge and casual wears. In this blog post, we have highlighted a few of the trendy yet stylish sweatshirts to choose for men.

North Face Sweatshirts

North Face sweatshirts often consist of a minimal and clean design, which you may choose to wear casually. The specialty of these sweatshirts collections is that they come with while, grey or black colored blocks. Because of this, you should wear any North Face Sweatshirt with white trainers and black jeans.

Armor Lux Sweatshirts

Armor Lux Sweatshirts are another preferable option associated with sweatshirts. Many men love it because of their French-style terry cotton materials, which give the garment a cozy and toweling feel. In addition, as a French brand, it incorporates complete French style with horizontal and navy Breton stripes.

FILA Sweatshirts

If you are passionate wearing retro-designed branded sweatshirts, just go with FILA sweatshirts. Additional features of the attire include crew neck jumpers with soft towel textures as well as printed logos. Besides this, FILA pieces have minimal designs and come with a huge selection of bright colored sweatshirts with all-white designs.

Nudie Jeans Sweatshirts

3. Nudie Jeans Sweatshirts


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If you want to go with a basic staple colored sweatshirt without any logo, we should recommend you buying Nudie Jeans Sweatshirts. Nowadays, Nudie Jeans are at top of the list based on their unique garment designs. Furthermore, as a cotton sweatshirt, it features asymmetric designs to add some edge to your overall look.

Southland Sweatshirts

Southland sweatshirts are available in asymmetric designs, according to which it has half graphic designed and half screen printed to give the attire an outstanding color splash to contract with the basic white material. Because of this, the sweatshirts are perfect for graphic lovers and those men willing to include some extra details. Another interesting aspect of Southland sweatshirt design is that you will find huge detail or difference in their sleeves. For instance, one sleeve is relatively long as compared to the other one, while one has cuff and other has raw.

Levi’s Original Sweatshirts

Based on down tone, almost everyone loves to wear simple designed and original sweatshirts to dress it up with almost everything you have. Besides using as casual wear, you may choose Levi’s original sweatshirts to dress yourself for the smart casual look. You should pair your crew sweatshirt with slim fit jeans or trousers and a few of the fresh white trainers.

Carhartt WIP Sweatshirts

Carhartt WIP Sweatshirts are one of the steady risers in the marker of men’s sweatshirts. These are perfect for all willing to challenge the internal American vibes, as the company is expert in designing unique attire collections in American style.

Plain Colored Sweatshirts

Plain colored sweatshirts are excellent pieces to brighten up any outfit with minimum possible efforts. A few of the sweatshirts are bright as well as bold in color as compared to others.

Maison LabicheSweatshirts

Maison Labichesweatshirts collections are available in excellent embroidery works with cheek minimal designs. These sweatshirts are perfect for all willing to have easy fashion and want a simple yet understated look.