If you are the one consistently experiencing eye strain or eye fatigue by sitting for a long time in front of your laptop, computer or mobile phones, you should definitely think about various ways to relieve your eye strain. Especially, you should immediately take action in case you have other similar vision-related syndromes, such as dry eyes, wet eyes, blurred vision, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, red eyes, and eye twitching problems. In this blog post, you will come to know about a few effective ways to avoid your eye fatigue or eye strain naturally.

Go for Your Comprehensive Eye Examination

The regular and comprehensive eye examination is an important thing, which every one of us should do to treat or prevent vision problems caused due to sitting for a long time in front of the computer system. To assure about healthy vision, you should go for your eye examination at least once in a year. During your eye examination, you should make sure to tell the eye doctor about the numbers of hours you sit or work in front of any digital device.

Make Sure to Use Proper Lights

Eye fatigue or eye strain may even take place because of excessively bright lights, which come from outdoor sunlight through the window or any harsh type of interior lights. While using a computer system, your ambient light should essentially be just half as bright as found in the majority of offices. You should eliminate any type of exterior light by closing shades and drapes. On the other side, you should reduce the interior light with the help of a few fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. Alternatively, you may go with low-intensity tubes and bulbs.

Adjust Your Computer’s Brightness

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You should make sure adjusting the brightness of your computer display so that it is almost same as the brightness of your nearby workstation.

Reduce the Glare

Glare obtained from lights reflecting off finished surfaces and walls, along with reflections coming from the computer screen causes eye strain. In this situation, you should look for installing a suitable anti-glare screen on the display. Moreover, you should paint the surrounding bright walls by using dark color with a matte type of finish. Other than this, if you wear eyeglasses, you should but lenses equipped with AR i.e. Anti-Reflective Coating, as it reduces the glare by simply minimizing the exact amount of light reflecting off both the front and rear surfaces of the eyeglass lenses.

Blink Your Eyes Frequently

Blinking your eyes is very much essential while you work in front of a computer screen. This is because; blinking leads to moistening your eyes to avoid irritation and dryness. Especially, you should make a habit of blinking your eyes 10times by closing them very slowly in the same way, as you do while falling asleep in every 20minutes. This rewets your eyes and in turn, reduces the risk of dry eyes because of frequent computer use.

Perform Eye Exercise to Reduce Your Fatigue

Last, but not the least, you should perform a common yet effective eye exercise to reduce your risk related to eye strain or eye fatigue. Accordingly, you should look away from the computer screen for about 20minutes and gaze at any distant object at approximately 20feet away for minimum 20seconds.