As your get older, you shall be leaning towards more and more complications relating to your health. Your resistance could get lower and you shall lose the energy that you had a few years back. At the same time, keeping yourself healthy is not very difficult. With the maintenance of proper diet and regular exercises, you can keep yourself fit.

At the age of 50 several diseases may approach you. Illness related to bones, muscle pains, back pains and sprains may affect your health. Junk foods and foods from the vendors may not be good for you always. If you are a woman, you will be undergoing several hormonal changes too during your 50’s. Accumulation of fats is one of the most common occurrences in your 50’s both for men and women which makes you prone to heart diseases.

The basic requirements to keep yourself healthy and strong

You must take care of your health and try to remain fit even when you are in your 50’s. It is not very difficult to maintain yourself. Just by following a few steps you can remain in sound health. The first of the steps to stay healthy and to stay strong after 50s by following 5 nutrition tips is to keep your mental state healthy. Another important thing is to keep you physically active. Keep your body on the move so that unnecessary fats don’t accumulate and to avoid diseases like osteoporosis. Simple exercises like walking or jogging daily will help suffice the needs to keep your body fit.  The third important step is to get proper sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours. Sleep will keep your mind working and your body fit to carry on your daily duties.

The 5 nutrition tips:

There are several simple ways to be healthy and strong as you grow older. You can stay healthy and stay strong after 50s by following 5 nutrition steps and they are –

Tip 1-Consume Vitamin B12 Regularly

Eat food that contain B12 as it is very important to develop new blood cells, keep the nerve healthy and build DNA. Food with protein like fish should be consumed.

Tip 2-Habit to Consume Less Salt

Your pressure level might cross the normal level very soon with the improper and large intake of salt in our foods.  You should consume very less salt to keep your pressure level normal.

Tip 3-Maintain Proportion of Iron and Multi Vitamins

If you are taking multi vitamins that contain iron, you might wish to change it after you reach 50. For women, during menstruation a lot of iron is lost thus iron intake in required. However, after menopause, your iron excretion decreases thus iron should be replaced in your vitamins or should be taken much lesser in amounts because more deposition of iron in your body can cause liver damage.

Tip 4-Calcium and Vitamin D Intakes are Mandatory

Take more amount of calcium and vitamin D. Food that contain these two elements should be taken regularly to keep your bones strong.

Tip 5-Mediterranean Diet is Helpful for Women

Women especially should take Mediterranean diet, which will keep their nerves elastic as elasticity decreases after women reach their 50s.

Therefore, if you take care of the above steps, you can stay healthy and stay strong after 50s by following 5 nutrition steps. Regular check-ups of your cholesterol level, your blood pressure level and checking for diabetes will also help you remain fit.