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Oh trusty skinny jeans, so comfy, moulding their soft and stretchy cotton blend to our body just like an old friend, silent in companionship and support. Yet, despite its comfort, our faithful friend, might be slowly conspiring to ruin all style cred – here are some warning signs that you have fallen into a denim rut:

  • You find yourself explaining to colleagues that you aren’t actually wearing the same outfit every day, you just have several pairs of exactly-the-same-jeans.
  • Your jeans are older than your children.
  • After spending half your adult life trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, you totally refuse to consider another brand. In fact, you shudder at the thought.
  • Your partner comments positively when you wear something other than jeans.

If you recognise any of these signs, don’t panic – know that you are in excellent company, even the Duchess of Cambridge has been known to fall into a denim rut (hers are dark skinny JBrands which she wears on repeat with Breton stripes). However, it might just be time to start a denim detox before your trademark becomes too much of a prison uniform.

OK, we aren’t here to slam a tired and trusty formula, we are all for recipes when it comes to wardrobe building. However, once we find the magic solution, it seems all creativity is diminished – no shopping for that magical pair of bottoms that will make you feel magnificent, no more experimenting with coordinating or precious hours breaking in new jeans. It’s all done, the formula is launched and, while it works, confidence also pivots on creativity and having fun with fashion. However, that doesn’t mean rocking the boat too hard (slow down there girl, we aren’t suggesting complete abandonment of your denim heritage) but instead some mix-ups that allow you to stylishly dig your way out. Here are 3 key tips to kicking your denim addiction:

Re-think your go-to trousers

Here’s the challenge; for a fortnight, pack away your trusty denim soulmate and fill your hangers with Robell trousers. Go as bold or as safe as you dare – the challenge lies not in the colour but in the concept of a new fit and design. Get yourself a pair from any good online fashion boutique or, if you want face-to-face advice on colour and fit, you can head to a Designer Boutique.

Accept the struggle

The first couple of days might prove difficult as you attempt to navigate a new shape and feel BUT, before you get frustrated, stop to think about the feel of your Robell’s which are certainly as comfy as your denim (if not more, go on – admit it!).

Evaluate the success

After two weeks, think about your Robell’s and how they fair against denim. Has the denim detox served to remind you that other trousers can make you feel good? Don’t be afraid to admit it, your skinnies can take it. If you find yourself a fan of a new trouser statement, don’t be frightened to adopt this style (moderately, don’t make us write a ‘Robell Rut’ article). Mix-up your trouser portfolio with both denim and Robell’s and, for those of you who really cannot kick the denim habit, we present these Robell Jeans. You’re welcome!