Read books, live longer; although the statement appears to be a hypothetical concept as reading books is no way related to our livelihood but there is something that cannot be denied as well. If you go for a survey, you must be surprised to see too many people around you who cannot stop them from reading books. They can be said as addicted to books. Many even say reading as their hobby or ideal pass time. It is, in fact, a good habit to read books. Books help us to stay tuned regarding all matters and all the current affairs that are occurring around us. We always remain accustomed to the daily updates, which improve our speaking, and writing skills. It enhances our ability and knowledge about that particular language.

Every individual has his own field of interest. Some may like to read storybooks while others may be addicted to read detective, horror or fiction books. Storybooks enable to increase skill in that particular language. It even increases our word stock, grammar sense and vocabulary. We can also find many people who love to read general knowledge, science or archaeological books. Excavations and ancient antiques are one of the best attractions we could find. Old people usually prefer reading religious books about saints and monks. They may also consist of the preaching of God.

Nowadays, the present generation usually prefers going to movie theatres to know the stories as films are presently based on particular biographies or stories. However, it is true that an audiovisual show may put more impact on the mind than reading the same thing in books. However, one can never deny that books, too, never contribute lesser than movies. Those who have soft corners for books in their heart can realize this much better. While one read books, it seems as if the character has come alive and they are personified to do different actions.

One can spend the whole day reading books, poems, stories and novels. Books take us to a different world in an altered state of mind. One can feel occurrences taking place in front of his eyes. You can get to visualize each character; their thoughts and you may assume yourself and justify every character to your own context, perspective and point of view. Reading conquers a major part of life for every book lovers and bookworms. Reading books, thus, has no other alternative.

Starting from the early childhood, you may be acquainted to books. In the beginning, you have started with primary books that comprised of identifying the letters and later on, you continued to books that taught you to build words. At a higher stage, you came across subject contents and ultimately, you are allowed to choose streams as per your interest.

Thus, you must be able to realize by now, about the controversy of the statement– “Read books live longer“. Books have really contributed to the overall growth and development of an individual. Learning books made you stand where you actually reside today. It not only has provided us with knowledge but also has inculcated ethics and moral values that we carry throughout the lives. Your actions in reality reveal all that you have built within yourself. As the old proverb, which specify that “The more you read, the more you learn”.