Toenail fungus is a common infection which doesn’t affect all the nails but it can spread from a single nail to many nails on your feet. The way you might know that your toe nail has been attacked when you see your toe nail tip turning yellow. This causes breaking of nails from the edges. If the fungal condition is mild, you might not need a treatment but if it spreads then you will need medical help as the infection can cause pains in the toes. The fungus can thicken your nail and form deposits from dead cells under your nails that are difficult to remove. This infection also makes your feet look worse and you might have a difficulty in walking or wearing certain style of shoes.

Here the top 10 home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus

TIP 1 to get rid of toe nail fungus:

The best way of stop the fungi from spreading in its early stage is to use cider vinegar. The acidity of the liquid kills the fungus from spreading and also cleans your nails. The steps to carry out the process are –

  • Mix the apple cider vinegar with water
  • Soak your fungus affected nails into the mixture for 30 minutes
  • Clean your nails thoroughly after that until they dry up.

TIP 2 to treat toe nail fungus:

By using Baking soda for weeks you shall see the improvement in your nails after couple weeks.

TIP 3 to get rid of toe nail fungus:

Applying Oil of oreganois counted as one of the top 10 home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus.

TIP 4 for removal of toe nail fungus:

The paste of White vinegar can be used to treat the fungus from its roots

TIP 5 to get rid of toe nail fungus:

Using Listerine mouthwash is also considered as one of the top 10 home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus since the mouthwash removes infection from the mouth, it will do the same of the fingernails or toenails.

TIP 6 to fight toe nail fungus:

The most suitable product which is found at home to fight toe nail fungus is isGarlic

TIP 7 to remove toe nail fungus:

Like white vinegar, Lemon juice also has the acidic qualities that help remove the fungus that has affected the nails

TIP 8 to remove toe nail fungus:

Using Lavender oil and Orange oil can be used at home itself to treat the fungus in the initial level because they contain similar elements of Baking soda and garlic to treat the fungus.

TIP 9 to get rid of toe nail fungus at home:

You can also use rice powder with the apple cider vinegar. The paste that is formed is used as a scrubber on the nails. You can scrub your nails several times a week and remove the dead cells that form the debris under the nails which in turn decreases the yellowing under the nail tips and avoid the breaking of the nails from the edges.

The 10th homemade tip to get rid of toe nail fungus

Another very important remedy is the use of tea tree oil. This is also counted amongst the top 10 home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus and also helps to remove related skin infections. One spoon of olive oil is mixed with few drops of tea tree oil and left on the infected toenail for 10 minutes. If you apply this solution a few times a day, you hall get fine results.