We actually never notice the fact that we are not paying attention to our foot until we just step into any showroom to buy an elite pair of shoes and then notice our crack heels. We can get a manicure and pedicure done at salons, but at times our pocket doesn’t allow us and we don’t even have time to spend hours at a salon. But you don’t need to worry about it, we know that all of us love to get pampered but now we can do it at home just use the right tools and get started!

Some essentials you will require:

Nail clippers

Cuticle Nippers


Foot file

Cuticle knife

Nail Brush

Pedi paddle – rough & smooth





Products Pharmacy:

Cotton Pads

Cuticle sticks

Nail polish remover


At first remove your nail paint using cotton ball and nail paint remover. Then put sanitizer to clean off the foot. Next put your foot under water for about 2 minutes so that the nails become ready for clipping. Now dry off the feet with the towel and then use clippers in sections to cut the nails. Pull the fingers one by one and work in sections. Next comes to file the nails when filing the nails we always work Straight across to avoid any ingrown toenail. With filing start giving it a shape and also do it downwards to remove rough edges.

Softening the corners is very essential. As soon as you are done with filing just take a cuticle stick and any cream. Use the cuticle stick to put cream on each toe and then massage it gently. Massage the cuticle area with a firm pressure for 5 minutes. Applying cream on cuticle soften the cuticles. Then put the foot again into the tub filled with water. Take off the foot out from the tub and pat dry with the towel. Push the cuticle back using cuticle stick wrapped in cotton. Next step is to use cuticle nippers to remove the dead skin. Be very careful while using the cuticle nippers. Next take a foot file and rub it on sole of the foot. It will soften up your sole. Move it in one direction.

Now you need to exfoliate the foot using a foot scrub. You can prepare one at home using sugar and lemon. Cover the whole foot in circular motion. Pay much attention to those hard areas. Put the foot back into the water and dry off. Apply any lotion on your foot and massage gently. Last but not the least use cotton to remove the excess cream on nails and take tissue or cotton and place it in between each toe. Apply nail polish of your choice.


Basic step is to remove all the nail polish. Now take warm water in a bowl and add any liquid soap into it and put your hands into it for 5 minutes. Clean off your nails using nail brush. Take any scrub and scrub both hands. Now file your nails. You can also use clippers if you want to keep them short. Apply cream on your cuticles using cuticle stick and then remove excess cuticle using cuticle pusher. Use buffer on your nails to smoothen them. Gently massage your hands with some lotion. Last step is to remove excess lotion using cotton and apply nail polish of your choice.

This is a simple and pocket friendly method to pamper your foot and hands. This is literally going to help you out and give a perfect salon look.