Summertime is around the corner and it’s time to wear those funky crop tops, shorts followed by aviators to amplify your look. Alarmingly it’s also the time to rush through the markets and buy all those sunscreens and other products containing SPF to protect yourself from sunburns. Along with problem of sunburns one more complication girls usually go through is darken underarms.

Specially in summers when girls have to wear sleeveless top or dresses they can’t be self assured. Wearing sleeveless shirts they just can’t lift up their arms because of darken underarms. This often leads to lower their self esteem and it’s a major concern for many people. But there are some tips which might not in a flash but gradually will help you to se visible results if you genuinely follow them.

We are going to go to the depth of the matter and master what actually causes darken underarms and what are the do’s and don’ts that should be adopted to abolish it.

What causes darker underarms ?

Darkening of the skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells underneath the skin surface. It is usually caused by due to usage of harsh deodorants, anti perspirants and other beauty products under the underarms area. Shaving and other hair removal cream can also make the situation worse if you are suffering from darken underarms. It can often cause cuts, rashes and irritation on your skin.

Razor – a big no!

If you are using a razor for hair removal of your underarms then this is probably something you should stop doing just now. The main reason why razor is not your friend when it comes to removing hair from underarms is that it just removes the top layer of your hair leaving the roots of hair which are the foremost reason for darker armpits. So its mandatory to stop using razors because using them can land you in many problems

Waxing – yes yes yes !

Waxing is still something you can totally rely on. It removes all the hair from the roots leaving a smooth texture of your skin. It also helps in removing tan and also the dead cells over the skin. Also it won’t give you those harsh hairs that usually grows after using a razor. You will also get rid of tiny cuts and rashes. You will also observe cut down of irritation and itching.


Exfoliating your underarms to remove dead cells and increasing the blood circulation of your underarm area can give you some visible results soon if you try this at least once a day.  Dead cells make your underarms look more darker than they actually are so what you are gonna do for this is prepare an underarm scrub at home using basic essentials as follows :

1. One tablespoon of honey
2. One tablespoon of lemon
3. Half tablespoon of sugar

Mix it well honey helps you in moisturizing armpits and make it more soft. Lemon lightens up the underarms and sugar is for exfoliating. Grab a bit of the scrub on your fingers and gently massage it in circular motion. You can use this scrub everyday during bath.

Bye to body odor!

Saying bye to body odor is significant if you want to get rid of darker underarms. Every time you sweat  your body some toxic agents from your body that reacts with your skin and make your skin look more darker and also causes body odor. To escape from this you can use body deodorants of course but make sure they do not contain harmful chemicals. You can also make take lemon juice in a paper towel and rub it on your underarms area it will reduce body odor for all day long. You can also apply ice cubes once a day to give your armpit area a cooling effect.

Darker underarms are no doubt a major issue but you can deal with it easily considering the tips above. You don’t need to feel bad about it as it is all natural. It can happen to anybody but its necessary that you do something to get rid of it. These tips will for sure make you see visible results and soon there comes a day when you won’t be hesitant about wearing sleeveless shirts. You will be confident about yourself and there will be nothing that could make your self esteem go down.