Have you been drooling over your favorite fashion icon’s wardrobe on their every social media post? There are moments in our lives where we wish we could live like a celebrity. Have a whole exclusive section or rather a dressing room for our clothes, shoes, and accessories. Well, you can create one of your own. Don’t worry if your closet is small. Small spaces look even cuter if decorated intelligently. Revamp it with some easy DIY tips and tricks listed below to make it shine like a star.

  1. Keep it Clutter-Free.

Keep your wardrobe clutter-free. To save time and energy, create different sections for different items. Organize according to categories top, jeans, t-shirts, dress, skirts, shirts, blazers, sweaters, pajamas, lingerie, and gym outfits. There can be a separate section for bags, accessories, sunglasses, scarves, clutches, etc. Make DIY organizers. We’ll cover that in the next point.

Keep separate storage bins for different purposes. If you wish to change the colors, try crafting them with a cheerful one, of your choice. Keep different bins for items you want to repair, donate, and discard.

  1. Make DIY Organizers.

There are multiple things which you can reuse as organizers. Don’t throw those cereal boxes. You can creatively use them to make your own makeup vanity shelves. Brighten them with colorful scrapbook papers to add a bit of joy. Use soda tabs to double up your hangers. Showcase your sunglasses with a wire and a frame. Add a peppy color to the frame to make it look enchanting.

Buy some hooks from any local store. Use them on your doors or your wall to hang your favorite accessories like hats, neckpieces, bags, etc. The colors will make your usual boring white wall/door look extravagant. Keep drawer organizers for socks and lingerie. Make space for your intimates in your closet and do not ruin them in a cramped closet.

  1. The Midas Touch.

Gold is the glam. Ditch the old white paintings and add some grandeur to your wardrobe by repainting it in golden. Incorporating shimmery golden color will transform your normal room into a celebrity walk-in closet. Or choose any other color which you think may look great for pictures. Try combining two or three colors in your furniture. For example, purple and golden colors will make your closet look elegant and sober. Coordination of colors makes everything right.

  1. Create a Staging Area.

We all need an area to arrange our outfits and appreciate our beauty before the world does.
A full-length mirror- Include a full-length mirror to try on outfits and allow reflection of sunlight to illuminate your entire room.

To add a touch of glamour, you can also opt for a lighted mirror. These will help you wear makeup precisely and also offer perfect lighting for your Instagram pictures.

Rugs- It will enhance the décor and protect your floor/carpet from any spills. It can also reflect your personality and aesthetic sense.

  1. Color Coordinate Organizers.

This is the easiest way to make your closet look jaw-dropping. It will display your sense of fashion and color choices as well. Go for light colors to keep them subtle. Coordinate the colors of your clothes as well. Arrange them according to the season and type. Coordinating the colors will make your wardrobe look more bright and cohesive.

  1. Install Curtains.

Curtains are pretty fancy. You can find a variety of choices in the market today. Become a design master by reinventing your closet. If you do not like doors, install some closet curtains as a more flexible and replaceable option. Choose sheer curtains or other fabrics that are light-weight and easy to wash. You will love your closet’s new makeover. Curtains can even conceal your messiness for days when you don’t feel like tidying up.

  1. Upgrade your Hangers.

Invest in sturdy wooden hangers which are durable and will add classiness. Get rid of mismatched ones and see for yourself the change. Also, try to figure out how to stop your clothes slip off the hanger.

Maintain space between the hangers. It will not crease and wrinkle your clothes. Use the shower rings in hangers as holders for your scarves collection.

  1. Install Lightings.

Invest in better lightings. Add a small chandelier, if there is space, to make even the darkest corner shine bright. You will also get a better view of items in your closet. Adding small mirrors in different corners of the room also will reflect the maximum light. Search for some easy ways to decorate your house with lighting.

  1. Flaunt your Shoes.

Fashionistas have one thing in common; they all have a fetish for shoes. ‘Shoes are like chocolates. There’s always room for more.’ Create a display section for your shoes so that everyone can glance at them and admire your collection. Arrange them the same way they do in shops with one pair in front and one behind. You can keep your daily use ones on the lowest shelf.

  1. Create a Sitting Area.

A beautiful chair in your closet can be that regal element which can also work as a small sitting area. You can sit on it, admire your closet or contemplate your outfits. Chill, relax and read some books, put on your favorite pair of shoes and feel like a celebrity. If there is less space, include a very cute ottoman outside the doors. Be clever with your choice of colors.

  1. Use Decorative Knobs.

Select some stylish handles and knobs to give your closet a touch of luxury. Detailing in every corner will bring a huge difference automatically.

  1. Don’t Forget the Labels.

We often end up throwing a random piece of clothing into whatever bin we find the nearest. Then lose it later. Labeling always makes everything easier to find.

  1. Put Laundry on the Door.

If laundry bag is occupying space in your small closet, keep them on the door. Find a durable canvas bag with a built-in hanger to hang out on the doorknob or on the back of your closet door.

Go ahead and try all these DIYs to refurbish your closet. Bet, you will want to admire it the entire day. These are pretty basic, requiring no lavish spending. You simply need some essentials either already there in your house or purchase them from a local store. Live and shine like a star always.