The jumpsuit is the perfect piece of clothing that’s as simple as a maxi dress but gives you the ease of pants. It’s the perfect look for the modest modern woman to wear throughout the summer. Luckily, both jumpsuits and rompers have come back in a big way for summer 2019.

Both of these garments are perfect for summer because they’re more comfortable, flattering, and practical than most dresses. While jumpsuits are comfortable to wear, they can be hard to style. Here are 10 tips for rocking a jumpsuit this summer.

1. Choose Your Size Carefully

The key is to choose a Kate Marilin jumpsuit that has a loose fit and is the perfect length. Depending on the length of your torso or legs, you’ll want to find one with an appropriate inseam which doesn’t sit too high or too low. You’ll want to try it on to ensure that the arms, body, and legs are flattering. If you’re buying a jumpsuit with wide-legged pants, then the pant should fall at your ankle.

You should also be careful when choosing the right size. Consider the length, then your dress size. You want to make sure there’s enough coverage in the sleeve area if you’re purchasing a short-sleeved jumpsuit. In the event of a jumpsuit with a deep V in the front, you want to ensure there’s enough coverage so it’s appropriate for the office and for dinner.

The key is to go up a size from your normal dress size. This provides you with more room where you need in the back and the front. It should also have a cinched waistline that flatters that area.

2. Avoid Tight-Fitting Jumpsuits

This goes back to the point about sizing but still deserves its own mention. The key is finding a jumpsuit that highlights your best features and minimizes the rest. You should avoid skintight jumpsuits. Opt for a silhouette that allows you to breathe and is comfortable enough to dance or bend over in. You can flatter your waist by wearing an obi belt or a wrap style belt.

3. Pick Flattering Designs

This tip depends on your personal style. Most flattering designs feature a beautiful floral pattern that creates an appealing effect. It’s the perfect look for concerts, music festivals, and picnics. A colorful Kate Marilin jumpsuit instantly adds style without much effort. It also doesn’t require as many accessories.

Most dainty and small designs look great on modest modern women with various body shapes and types. This print will create interest and add style while achieving its desired effect. Bold, loud, and garish prints can seem overwhelming, especially on a small frame. It can also come off as distracting on certain body types. Sometimes a loud print can come off as immature.

4. Stick to Solid Colors

If prints aren’t your style, then choose a flattering solid. The great thing about solid colors is that they never go out of style. They will also create a silhouette for your shape. A monochrome Madison Romper will make you appear taller and leaner.

Another advantage of solid colors is that they provide more accessorizing options. While black never goes out of style, browns, blues, and whites are great options for jumpsuits. A solid color allows you to play around with your accessories and makes it easier to dress it up or down. A solid jumpsuit also transitions easily from spring to summer or fall to winter since it’s not tied to a single pattern.

5. Play it Safe with Styling

The focus should be on your jumpsuit. It’s best to allow it to become the focal point while you let the accessories speak for themselves. While gladiator sandals look great with most jumpsuits and rompers, there’s nothing wrong with the classic nude pump and understated jewelry. You can take this look from the office to a dinner date with your significant other.

6. Trick the Eye

This is one of the advantages of wearing a jumpsuit. By focusing on one garment, the jumpsuit makes you appear leaner and taller, as long as you have the right fit. You want to enhance that look by wearing stilettos. If you don’t like heels, then you can wear a wedge sandal to achieve the same desired effect.

7. Add Layers to Your Look

It’s easy to add interest to a jumpsuit with layers. If the weather is cold, then you can’t go wrong with a blazer or leather jacket. Either option looks best with a jumpsuit. The style of the blazer tones down the rest of your look. This is a good option for professional settings.

Meanwhile, a leather jacket adds a little bit of that edge you’re looking for. You’ll want to wear this look when going to lunch with your girlfriends or attending a party. A cardigan is also a must for transitioning into the fall or winter season. Cardigans add warmth to your look while denim jackets are perfect for the spring or fall season.

8. Go Daring with a Romper

You can’t go wrong with the Madison Romper. Trying a romper can sound scary, but you can rock this trend confidently. The rules for purchasing a jumpsuit are the same when it comes to finding the perfect romper. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style and try something new. You may find that the Madison Romper is extremely figure-flattering. It’ll quickly become one of your new favorite silhouettes to wear in the summertime.