With the consistent increase in numbers of COVID-19 cases across the world, a strong immune system has become a necessity for humans. Individuals with high immunity are less likely to suffer infection from COVID-19 and other communicable diseases while dealing with today’s pandemic situation effectively.

However, because of busy professional and personal life, most of the time, we fail to intake healthy food and beverage to retain or enhance our immune system. In this situation, we suggest dedicating some time for the medication to boost immunity and overall health.

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How Meditation Works for Your Immune System

Medication has drastic therapeutic effects on the mind and body of humans at physiological and macroscopic levels. Simultaneously, it has positive effects at the cellular, microscopic and molecular levels. We know that immunity starts at the molecular level, because of which meditation is an immunity booster for you. Other than this, you will find many other facts, which justify the role of meditation in increasing your overall immune system.

Enhances the Activity of Antibody Production

A research study has revealed that the activity of mindfulness meditation for 8weeks produced approximately 5percent to 25percent more number of antibodies in patients who received flu vaccines. Research studies have also found a drastic increase in the left-sided and anterior brain activation in patients, who have done meditation as compared to other people relying only on other treatments. This activity has an increase in antibodies.

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Reduces Oxidative Stress Levels in Humans

Meditation may help you to avoid illness by reducing oxidative stress levels present in the human body. Most of the research studies have highlighted that oxidative damage and oxidative stress are low in people, who practice meditation to boost immunity and achieve good health.

A few of the clinical studies have found that meditation creates a drastic effect on serum cortisol, endothelial function, oxidative stress, perceived level of stress, and HRV i.e. heart rate variability. Especially, meditation reduced the blood cortisol levels drastically and improved both endothelial and HRV functions.

Stops the Death or Decline of Immune Cells

Regular practice of meditation helps you to prevent or stop the death/decline of CD4 T-cells in most of the HIV positive patients dealing with stress and experiencing slow progression of the disease. The combination of T lymphocytes cells and CD4 cells are the brain of the human immune system, which coordinates its different activities whenever the body suffers an attack.

Regulates Our Pro-inflammatory Genes

A few of the research studies related to meditation is an immunity booster or anything similar has shown that meditation operates at the genetic level as well. It reduced the expression of pro-inflammatory genes and blood levels present in CRP i.e. C – reactive protein, which is an indicator associated with inflammation. Meditation is perfect to avoid or reduce inflammation, as it drives the disease procedure for a wide range of severe illnesses. These include cardiac problems, cancers, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, neurological diseases, and arthritis.

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Enhances Immune Functions in Cancer Patients

Meditation has proved to be beneficial in enhancing T-cell functions in most of the women suffering from breast cancer. Simultaneously, it reduces various symptoms related to stress and changes many depressive immune patterns in most of the men suffering from prostate cancer.

Therefore, meditation is an excellent way to increase your overall immune system significantly.

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