If you have teens at home, who love to celebrate Halloween festival or simply want college students to develop Halloween spirit among them, you should choose the top 10 gift ideas to celebrate Halloween 2020. Whether it is about games or movie nights, you are available with exciting things to surprise your young ones.

  1. Hocus Pocus Movie

Looking for a classic gift for your teenager, just choose for Hocus Pocus Movie collections. As a fantasy type of gift, it lets you indulge yourself in the mood of Halloween. Besides, the package has a digital code, by which you can watch anything at any place.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

If you have to give a pleasant movie-based gift to any college student, you should give them a unique animated movie i.e. Nightmare before Christmas. The gift is perfect for fans of animation and Hollywood movies, while those love Halloween as well as Christmas. Similar to Hocus Pocus, it also features a digital code via Blu-ray.

  1. Ghostbusters Glitched Shirts

Want to give a super cool gift collection to your teen, just buy one of the ghostbusters glitched shirts. The specialty of these shirts is that it features a glitch art and possesses a retro-themed plus a vibrant look.

  1. Atmos FX Digital Kit

Atmos FX digital kit or digital projector comes with varieties of pre-made Halloween loops and holiday video loops, which you may easily project on a window or wall. Even you may use the kit as a regular projector for almost everything, which lets you celebrating your Halloween night. Besides, college students may use the digital kit powered by Atmos for any event or holiday celebrations together.

  1. Vinyl Soundtrack on Stranger Things


If your teen is a fan of Stranger Things, you should consider Vinyl soundtrack of it as the perfect gift. The product features a fantastic atmospheric soundtrack, while it comes pressed on special black and blue splatter discs.

  1. Enbrighten LED-powered String Lights

Enbrighten LED-powered string lights are awesome options to decorate rooms to celebrate home-based Halloween parties. The specialty of these lights is that they can easily change colors and in turn, add outstanding Halloween flairs in a room.

  1. Ghost Llama Pop Socket for the Halloween

Ghost Llama pop socket is an excellent way to Halloween at almost every place of your choice. The best thing about this socket is that it adds extra features to your existing phone device.

  1. Funko Pop by Oogie Boogie

Funko pop by Oogie Boogie is one of the preferable gift options for a Pop collector or a diehard Pop fan. The pop not only has detailed features but also has excellent look while placing on a shelf or simply in any Halloween display.

  1. Old Man Mask by Ghoulish Productions

Do you want to get a creepy look costume for the night party or simply want to go for trick or treat for this Halloween? If yes, just choose for Old Man Mask by Ghoulish Productions. The outfit is also preferable to mess around or capture pictures with your friends.

  1. Latest Edition of the Life Haunted Mission Game

If you want to play a spooky night game for the Halloween 2019, just go with the latest edition of the famous Life Haunted Mission Game. The game requires a few adjustments and it has the theme of each of the Haunted Mansion Rides. Just you have to play Halloween music set this up and become ready for the ultimate night game for the Halloween Night.