The creepiest holiday of the year is coming! The beauty of Halloween is that unlike any other holiday, it has its fashion trends that are unique only for the particular year, and they never repeat. The trends are usually dictated by everything famous that took place in this year – due to the fact that October is the end of the year, there is a big choice.

The trends in Halloween fashion usually follow the successful TV shows, the controversial outfits of the celebrities, and just everything that went viral on the Internet. 2017 is not an exception that is why this article is going to consider the fashion trends for Halloween 2017.

Pennywise Clown

The scariest movie of this year and maybe the whole decade will definitely inspire hundreds of fans of Stephen King and “It” in particular to wear the costume of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. This is just a perfect combo: the scary clowns are always popular as the Halloween costumes but to tie them to the famous movie is even better. It is a pretty easy outfit to do as well: all you have to do is buy a clown costume and paint your face with white color and draw red lips and nose. It would look really amazing if you manage to create red hair on the top of your head so that the majority of the head looks bald.

halloween 1

Wonder Woman

Another hit of the DC universe that came out this year is “Wonder Woman.” Being a perfect option for the Halloween outfits for the women, Wonder Woman costume is actually not that hard to create either. In spite of the fact that the separate movie came out only this year, the character was still popular for ages. That is why it will be not a big deal to but the costume in the Halloween shop or online. If you have long black hair, you will look even more convincing.

halloween 2

Eleven from “Stranger Things”

This character from the mysterious and creepy TV show “Stranger Things” has become extremely popular due to the complexity of the character and the amazing play by Millie Bobby Brown. The outfit of Eleven can be considered as the one from the scary Halloween costumes because the girl wears the cute pink dress, however, it is all dirty, and she has blood pouring out of the nose. The dress can be complemented with the blue bomber, white knee socks and a pair of Converse. If you are up to shaving your head to look even more convincing, you are very welcome to. But we advise you just to buy the blonde hair wig because that is what Eleven wore in the forest.

halloween 3

Offred from “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Another hit among the TV shows this year is “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The show is scary by its brutality and horror of the dystopian world though there are no obvious monsters and killers there. If you choose to be Offred, you will have to create the character not only with the help of the costume but the behavior as well. For the costume, you would only need a red dress, a red cape, and a white headpiece that covers your face. For the character, you will not have to attract attention by looking mostly at the ground. It would be amazing if there are friends you can conspiratorially whisper to. However, if you are overloaded with the academic assignments and have no time to even think about what Halloween costume to wear, visit and find out about your amazing opportunities.

halloween 4

Norman Bates from “Bates Motel”

This amazing TV show had its last season in 2017, and now, the audience knows the full story behind “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. The character of Norman Bates is very complicated, however, to create the costume, you will not need much. First of all, it would look fantastic if you find yourself a couple who would be in the costume of Norman’s mom – the dress with the blue jacket will be enough for her. As for Norman, you would need the light trousers, a shirt, and a sweater. And a toy dog to look more convincing. Both of you will have the unique Halloween costumes, and the admiration of the surrounding people is guaranteed.

halloween 5