Halloween is a holiday that is marked by lots of pranks. On this day, people outdo each other in their attempts to pull stunts that will scare the hell out of people. Now, to achieve this coveted point of the most petrifying image of the year, you will need to prepare thoroughly. From the putting together of costumes to the designing of masks and makeup, you must engage creativity.

If you are thinking of scaring anyone using your face, then you will need to work on the areas around the mouth and the eyes. Of interest to us at this point is the latter.

Now, suppose you gave yourself a vampire or a wolf mouth. Then instead of making your eyes look outrageous, you left your eyebrows perfectly done. In essence, your neatly done face is intact to save for the vampire mouth. Do you think if you sneaked on someone you would terrify them?

Yes, you would: if they are infants of course.

The point is that you cannot scare people with your plain sexy or angel eyes. You need to make them scary.

So how do you apply makeup around our eyes to get that terrifying look? Your aim should be a face that will make even the strongest of guys run away in fear: tails between their legs.

I will tell you how: use makes up.

But again you can sit there with loads of brushes and get nowhere. So here are some ideas to help you.

Apply a skin brightener on your face

Quality skin brighteners help give your face an even skin tone. A flawless complexion devoid of any shining: all radiant. This will make it easier for the mascara, eye shadow, eye pencil and eye liners to stand out when they are finally applied.

If you, for example, wanted to get this Halloween look, where you apply red eye shadow, but then it happens that your skin is reacting to something and is thus red in some areas. If you applied the red eye shadow, you would look like you have painted your face in different shades of red making it comical rather than scary. Skin brighteners will help emphasize the make-up.

Use shades different colors to draw patterns around your eyes

Now if you live in this universe, you are bound to have met a lady who had gotten her make up all wrong. You know, one of those that you meet and almost run away in terror because they look like ghosts? One thing that makes them that ugly is the misuse of eye shadow. Do your maths: if this succeeds in making them that ugly, what can it do for you this Halloween? Especially if you combine a few colors or decide to go all gothic and paint them black. You can even draw patterns around the eyes.

Use heaps of mascara on your eyelashes

When you want to make your eye lashes look thicker and darker, you apply mascara. During Halloween, you can apply more mascara to ensure you get lashes that look as thick as possible. This will give you an evil look that will send people running to mama.

Make your eyelashes longer

You don’t have to go through the trouble of getting fake eyelashes fixed to grace Halloween. You can just use your eyeliner to draw lashes on both the upper and lower sides of the eyes. You only need first to use eye liner on these parts then nicely draw the lashes. The good thing is that this way, you can be able to make them as long as you want. This will make your eyes look real huge, and make your eyelashes longer and thicker.

Go crazy with your eyebrows

Using a good eye pencil, you can be able to draw whatever shape you want your eyebrows to take. For instance, you can elongate the eyebrows to touch the corners of the eyes that are close together. Or you could make the eyebrows run up to the hairline. Whatever you do, just make it outlandish.

Draw multiple eyebrow lines

After using the eye liner, put in a line of eye shadow (you can mix some colors). Then draw an eyebrow line. This should still leave space before we get to the real eyebrows.

Make a mono-eyed monster

You can use a black eye pencil to paint one of your eyes black. This should cover the whole eye from the nose up to the eyebrows. Like a lens would. Then you can create long lashes for the other eye. This painting will make you look like those mono-eyed ninjas in movies who are always bullying people.


I t is possible to use makeup to give us that scary Halloween look. It all depends on how we use it. And the best part is that we can remove it all in a matter of minutes.