Men are always attracted to women for her looks. Looks wither away with age and time. Working on looks and beauty is temporary then. So what are the things that never wither away? And what are the things that keep a man interested in a woman? Here are some 10 things that men like in women other than her physical appearance.

  1. Motherly care:

Motherly love is a pure bliss. A mother is a man’s first love. Every boy wants a girl who can take acre him like his mother, without any expectations. Caring is the best thing you can do for someone. To care is to let people know that you like them. What more does a man need other than care and affection.


  1. Good listener:

A simple conversation involves two people. To make a normal conversation into a good one, one person should be the speaker and the other should be a listener. Listening needs more patience than to speak. Men prefer women who are normally patient enough to hear what they say. So the next time your man speaks, just listen up to him. It really will mean him a lot.

  1. Good cook:

Men love to eat. Actually who doesn’t Cooking was believed to be something in which girls were said to be naturally good at. But these days’ people became so lazy to cook. They prefer ready-made stuffs and also buy food from the restaurant. Men love to eat at home. So in that case who is going to cook food for him? Women should! Get cooking books; Put on your apron. Let’s do some cooking.

  1. Truthful and Trustworthy:

You can’t trust someone randomly. You have to earn it. Trusting a person indirectly means that you have enormous belief on him/her. To be trustworthy you need to be truthful. There is a proverb called ‘Honesty is the best policy’. This is not only a proverb, it applies to life too. The moment you lie to a person you break their trust in you. Men, like women who are truthful and loyal in their relationship. Nobody wants to be get cheated. A casual lie can lead to chain of lies. This is more than enough to break a relationship.  Ladies be truthful and trustworthy to your man. This will pay rich dividence.

  1. Strong:

Being physically strong is generally associated with men. So where should be a girl strong at? She should be strong at her heart, which means mentally strong. What is more beneficial than physical fitness is to be tough at heart. A guy needs a girl who is mentally strong enough to handle the family situations well. If you are mentally strong, then it gives your man a sigh of relief so that he can breathe easily.

  1. Intelligent:

Who doesn’t want their better half to be intelligent? A recent study published in the daily mail UK made it clear that men prefer brains over beauty. What is the use of having curves when you are dumb? So be the intelligent girl, pull up your sleeves start working on it.


  1. Funny:

Laughter is the best medicine. Girls who are witty and intelligent are more attractive. To be in a serious relationship you don’t need to be serious all the time. Striking a comical conversation with your guy makes him indulge in you more than he actually does.

  1. Womanliness:

There are some trademark features that are associated with a girl’s feminity. Men are instantly attracted to women who are more feminine in their behavior and body language. Being more feminine makes them go gasping for breath.

  1. Ready to compromise:

There is no relationship without occasional fights and misunderstandings. They are a part of relationship. When such situations arise, both the guy and girl should be ready to accept their mistakes and compromise. To forgive and to forget is said to be human. Who doesn’t make mistakes? After all to err is human. Men prefer women who are mature enough to accept their mistakes and compromise. Next time when something goes wrong be the first one to compromise.


      10.  Kind:

Being kind is just an extreme act of love. So how does being kind attract a guy? It certainly does. That is the reason why the heroines in the film are generally shown as the person who is very kind and humanitarian towards others. Show love and spread the word about true love. It will certainly come back to you in the long run.