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Despite us all being taught from a young age, never judge a book by its cover, let’s face it, this is still a common occurrence. From the moment you meet a woman she will have already noticed several – good or bad – things about you and subconsciously, she is judging you on a number of levels without even realizing.

Whether you admit it or not, men judge women just as much but they are typically a lot less subtle about it! The common denominator however, in the mist of all the superficial judging, is that first impressions do massively count.

So to give you a helping hand, here are five top tips from the perspective of a woman to give you an idea on what the opposite sex notice. Just remember, you only get one first impression, so don’t waste it.

1) The Watch


Watches are the ideal way to subtly show your status, style and identity. Women are not expecting you to turn up wearing some flashy Rolex or diamond incrusted timepiece, but they do expect you to wear a smart man’s watch. Turning up for dinner in a cheap, plastic or rubber watch just doesn’t look good. Leave the loud colours at home and go for a classy watch with a stainless steel or understated leather strap like you’d see on a Hugo Boss or 88 Rue Du Rhone watch. It doesn’t have to be overly showy but make sure you upgrade your wrist wear so she’ll see that you are the gentleman she wants you to be.

2) The Smell


Bad breath, body odour and smelly feet are big turn-offs. You could be the best looking guy in the world but if you smell bad, you have no chance of success. You would be surprised how much women pick up on a man’s scent, even walking past a guy and getting a pleasant whiff is enough to heighten attraction levels.

If you’re on a date, it is more than likely that at some point you’ll be in close quarters with the woman, possibly for a parting embrace. Its unavoidable that she will notice how you smell so make sure you’ve showered, brushed your teeth and invested in some aftershave that is sure to astound her.

If you don’t smell nice, there will be no second chance to make a first impression and that all-important second date will be highly unlikely.

3) The Shoes


If there is ever a clearer indicator of the person you are; this can be found by the shoes you choose to wear. Women will always look at a man’s shoes as they are a window into a guy’s style and personality. It will tell a woman if you’re scruffy, smart, stylish or even cheap in a matter of seconds. Remember, shoes are an investment so don’t skimp on a new pair. You’re more likely to impress with a pair of Adidas trainers than a pair of Crocs so always make sure that your shoes are appropriate to your outfit and the occasion itself. It’s surprising how many guys get this wrong.

4) The Fit


The fit of your clothes can make or break you. It is important that you don’t turn up in ill fitted clothes that look like you’ve borrowed them from your dad. There is also the issue at the other end of the spectrum. With men’s trends become more feminine, we are seeing tighter and tighter clothes. Whilst some girls do like the ‘snugger’ look, many women agree that it is off putting if your jeans for example, are tighter than the ones they’re wearing.

Get the fit that works for your body. Straight leg jeans and regular fit shirts are a thing of the past. If your jeans don’t quite slim down properly near the ankle of your pants, or if your shirt is a size too large for a guy of your build, believe me, women will notice. Your best bet is to ensure your wardrobe is properly fitted with the right sizes and proportions to your body.

5) The Grooming


If you’re off on a first date and you’ve been putting in all of that effort to charm your date, thinking of the perfect venue and conversation starters to impress, then why undo all of your hard work by turning up looking scruffy. Girls’ preferences on grooming does vary depending on taste, it is ultimately subjective but the way you wear your hair or even style your beard says a lot about you. There are many new hairstyle trends for 2016 and you can even read grooming tips to give you some inspiration if you’re struggling. Turning up with a recent haircut shows you care about your appearance and you’ve made that effort to look good for her. A general rule, regardless of differing opinions, is that greasiness and dandruff are never attractive so make sure you’ve at least washed your hair!

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