When someone is in a relationship the bond share by them is special and is fully based on the confidence and conviction between them. This association is so special that we can never imagine the conviction they have in each other. The feel of been in a bond is so special that only the one who has experienced it can comprehend its value.

The equality between the two is also an important factor that helps in intensification of a bond. But when it comes to a physical violence trust me guys then all these factors are at stake. Being a girl I can understand a genuine relationship aims at a perfect life partner. But being an individual if he can not respect you dignity and have the guts to slap you that this is a warning that there is something that is missing in your relationship.

There can be mainly two reasons behind this act. One is circumstances other is your boyfriend itself. Trust me dear whatever is the reason nobody has got the right to hit you neither legally and nor morally.


You are in a relationship because you want to be cared and loved by him not to be tortured by him remember you are equally strong as he is no matter what the mistake is nobody has a right to hit u no matter what type of a bond u share with him.  Remain strong and bold and give your reaction at the same time don’t think that you need to protect your relationship as your relationship is already shattered. There is nothing that you can do for damage control because the damage is being already done. Whether the situation is wrong or you the fault from his side the day he slap your and it’s clear that the relationships attributes are at its sake.

You should raise your voice and gather people to help you or if you feel u can handle him by yourself behave with him exactly the way he has behaved with you and this is the way you can tell him you are not his personal property if he has forgotten how to behave with his love you should make him remember how to behave if he is not able to understand by your language or I can say by your love make him understand in his own language and we all know  what it is if you have not reacted at the moment he has  behaved with you badly and you are still thinking the moment has gone now you can’t do anything that’s not true talk to your friend about the situation and take advice from them so don’t let make your love  your weakness make it your strength and remember relationship is of equality and if there is no equality there is no relationship.

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