Candies, costumes, treats, and tricks all remind us of the Halloween festival. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic going on, you have to celebrate the festival differently. Here, we have discussed a few of the safety tips to celebrate Halloween 2020 without bearing any risk to you and your family members.

Cover the Living Space with Creepy Pumpkins

To enter the holiday spirit, you should cover the living space of your home with varieties of creepy items, including the pumpkin-shaped home decors. As pumpkins are essential props for Halloween Day, you may try to decorate pumpkins in your home with family members or outside of your property. Besides, you may involve in a group activity with pumpkin carves. However, you should do so by maintaining social distancing with others.

Scavenger Hunt for the Halloween Day

We know that scavenger hunt is the prime attraction of Halloween Day. However, considering the pandemic of Covid 19, you may organize a scavenger hunt event in or across your home with the household members. Prepare a list of various Halloween themed items to entice kids and allow them to search by maintaining a distance when they walk across the neighborhood. Hiding clues across the home not only lets you follow safety tips to celebrate Halloween 2020 but also you may give a pleasant surprise to your children.

Treat or Trick with a Little Twist

Halloween festival is incomplete without sweet candies and treats. Hence, as parents and guardians, you must organize a‘treat or trick’ event safely and distribute candies to kids uniquely. You may decorate distribution tables with separately wrapped chocolates and other goodies instead of the traditional ringing doorbells.

Even you may place wrapped goody bags at the end of a yard or driveway to allow family members to grab them even by following the rule of social distance. In other words, you may create a celebration for kids, which involves a few of the old routines and help to reframe their holiday expectations. This also helps you to retain wellness and social as well as the emotional health of kids.

Choose for a Halloween Cloth Mask

Halloween fans may continue to display their unique costumes. Even though online costume contest is an excellent option, but many kids have become tired with virtual or online events. One can easily go with an outdoor parade on Halloween day to interact with other people but you have to maintain social distance.

However, you should never forget one of the safety tips to celebrate Halloween 2020 i.e. wear a Halloween-themed cloth mask to keep yourself protected in the public. Simultaneously, you should avoid wearing a costume mask on a protective cloth type of mask, as it creates breathing difficulty, especially among kids.

Outdoor Movie Night on the Halloween Day

Hosting an outdoor movie night with local friends and family members spaced at approximately 6feet distance may be a safe way to celebrate Halloween. You should use a single-serve package for popcorn, snacks, and treats combined with single-serve drinks in boxes or bottles.

Moreover, parents should prepare snacks for their kids from home itself while setup chairs by maintaining enough distance between different people. Alternatively, you may have one of the funny and safety tips to celebrate Halloween 2020 by searching for a drive-in movie theater that features spooky films.