The 90’s was full of many memorable moments; whether it be Madonna’s famous cone bra or slap bracelets (that were later banned from schools), there are many memories from the 90’s that we all like to look back on and reminisce. The one thing that sticks in my mind when I think of the 90’s is the timeless style  – oh the denim. Although some of the style choices weren’t…practical, there are many style tips to take from the iconic era that can be interpreted into your adult wardrobe today!


I can imagine a lot of people recoiled in horror at remembering the double denim days, but denim is back in full swing for the Summer! Throw on a denim jacket and make your outfit effortless more stylish, a simple solution to needing a jacket but not wanting to wear your thick Winter coat. Throwing on a simple denim jacket with a crop top and skirt combo is a staple in your Summer wardrobe this year. Add some knee high socks and you are oh-so-nineties.

Whether you’re pairing them with statement sandals or comfortable converse, dungarees are in as the temperature starts to creep up! Available in multiple lengths (shorts, full leg or cropped), dungarees are perfect for afternoons in the sun or trips to the beach with a bikini concealed underneath. Comfortable, cool and stylish – what more could you want?


Whilst not everyone turned to the dark side in the 90’s, many fashion enthusiasts were intrigued by the gothic style that was bought onto the scene after Nancy Downs made her legendary appearance in The Craft. Heavy kohl eyeliner paired with dark blood red lips and spikes, goth was officially in. Over the last year, chokers have become increasingly more popular; adding an edge to an otherwise everyday outfit.

Crop Tops

It is difficult to go into a store, whether it be high street or high end, and not find multiple cropped garments. Crop tops were a huge hit in the 90’s after the success of the iconic film, Clueless. Nowadays, crop tops are everywhere! Your friends and celebrities alike are rocking the crop look, whether it be a crop top and skirt combo or high waisted jeans to make your legs look endless and your waist look slim!

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a timeless staple ever since Winona Ryder rocked the biker look back in 1990. The perfect light but not too light jacket to wear throughout Spring with dark denim jeans, leather boots or even a floaty summer dress! Leather jackets can add an extra something to an outfit as well as keep you warm in the brisk evening breeze. Available in a multitude of different lengths, styles and colours the possibilities are endless. Short leather jackets are becoming increasingly popular, with the sleeves being rolled up to show off some bold jewellery.

Floral Summer Dresses

For the second summer in a row, floral is IN! Floral cardigans, jumpers, trousers and dresses – the outfit ideas are endless. Why floral ever went out of fashion, we don’t know. As the summer months have approached we have noticed many floral patterned shift dresses on the market, perfect for work wear or a weekend catch-up with friends. Floral dresses are great for Summer as you can accessorise them easily by picking a colour from the dress and making it your statement colour, interpreting it into your jewellery, makeup and footwear choice. The question is, do you wear it with flats or killer heels? Or maybe some jellies?

Jelly Sandals

We love to hate jelly sandals so it took us by surprise when they started appearing in stores across the country! With celebrities such as Kylie Jenner being spotted wearing a silver pair early this month with black socks (an interesting choice), we predict these are going to be a staple this summer and will be available in a variety of quirky colours to pair with every outfit.

Style Icons of the 90’s

Needless to say, when we think of 90’s fashion we automatically think of Cher Horowitz from Clueless. The stylish outfits alongside her sassy attitude, she was the girl everyone wanted to be. Her statement outfits were iconic which led to Iggy Azalea recreating the looks in her music video for hit single, Fancy.

Another brilliant actress with a style to match is Kathryn Merteiul of Cruel Intentions. Figure hugging dresses, corsets and a conniving personality to match, women all over the World wanted to be as dominant and style as Kathryn. Throughout the film, Kathryn dons multiple seductive outfits which in present day could be killer outfit ideas for a night out with friends.

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