Sexy underwear or lingerie has causes women to feel very sexy and confident about ourselves. These have defined our body shape and style, making us look desirable in the eyes of men. Beyond that, it also offers us the type of support our body needs to stay in shape. The best lingerie are those that fit us at the right places and improve the visual appearances of our assets.Our femininity surely shines with the help of these sexy pieces of apparel.

When we women buy lingerie online, we definitely have a set of pieces that we know will make us more addicting to our men.

A very basic form of lingerie is the chemise. The best way to describe a chemise is that it is actually a very short gown that is hemmed just before the knees. The straps on the shoulders are thin strands and its body has a snug fit to conform to our figure. This is usually created with the use of silk thus making it drop onto our body.

The baby doll comes with a loose thin top that is matched with a very sexy panty. The top is mainly composed of sheer fabric with linings to cover the breasts and its hem is loose and flowing. Sheer material or silk, nylon and satin are the fabrics of choice to create a baby doll. The woman’s legs are totally uncovered with some designs giving emphasis on the cleavage.

Another two number piece is the teddy. It comes with a panty and a top that seemingly looks like a one piece swimsuit. The thing that makes this sexy is that it has that naughty peeping effect top. This type of lingerie is made with lace, embroidery, some cute or sexy prints, leather, vinyl or sheer material. The panties are cut very low and may look like a g-string or thongs. The only thing supporting the breasts are wirings. There are no padded cups.


Surprisingly, a very simple form of lingerie can be very sexy in the eyes of our men. A camisole gives off the aura of freshness and may be seen by men as that newly showered effect. A camisole usually looks like a tank top but is a bit more loose in fit. This is usually worn at night with a matching pair of panties. This is a versatile type of lingerie as it can also be worn with shorts for those trips to the mall. It can be cropped to expose a woman’s sexy belly area.

The most basic lingerie that us women have in closets need not be the most boring one. In fact, it can be the most exciting one once we choose the best looking ones. The Brassiere is the number one support we can get for our breasts. This something every woman must have. The good thing about bras is that there are a lot of designs and types to choose from. There are designs made for backless dresses, low v-cut dresses, front clipped, strapless and sports bras to name a few.

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