It comes in many names – crush, puppy love, infatuation. Whatever you prefer to call it, I’m one hundred percent sure that you want your special someone to feel the same way about you.

Think that you have to do crazy things just to get noticed by the person you’re taking interest in? Think again, ladies.

In truth, the simplest things matter. And I’ve written a guide that details all the subtle things you can do to attract your special guy.

If followed correctly, these tips can lead you to a great start. Who knows, your crush or puppy love might even become the man who will walk you down the aisle.

#1. Hold your horses!

I know it can be extremely hard to calm your nerves and concentrate when the apple of your eyes suddenly walks in front of you.

But, if you do want to succeed in turning his head and winning his heart, then you’re left with no choice.

Steady your beating heart so you can concentrate and make the right move.

Learn how to calm down your nerves by doing any of the tips below:

  • Breathe! – Shortness of breath is found to worsen anxiety attacks and trigger nervous breakdowns. Make it a habit of taking a long and deep breath before you attempt to make a move.
  • Goodbye, bad vibes – Pessimism won’t take you far. If you want to be in your best shape when you talk to your crush, you have to get rid of all your negative thoughts.
  • Don’t be too full of yourself – It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having a conversation. Instead of concentrating on telling about yourself, ask him questions. Pay attention to his body language, and maintain eye contact whenever possible.

Besides maintaining your cool, it’s also equally important to show him who you truly are.

#2. Flash him your charming smile

Most of the time, a smile is enough to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Psychology explains that smiling makes a person look friendly and approachable, increasing his/her chances of engaging in a meaningful conversation.

If you don’t smile a lot, then maybe it’s time for you to start practising. If you’re not confident enough to smile, you can use this smiling routine below:

  • Loosen you tight facial muscles by smiling as widely as possible. This tip is extra helpful if you’re not a smiling type of gal.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and observe how your smile looks. Pay attention to the things you need to improve such as your teeth and how your eyes look when you smile.
  • When you do the smiling exercise routine, make it habit of thinking of happy thoughts so you can achieve an amazing look.
  • Once you work on your grin, start going out and smiling at random people. Look at how they react when they see you.

#3. Avoid putting 10 layers of make up

As cliche as it may sound, do remember that less make up is better. You won’t be able to impress your date if you put too much product on your face. Instead of concealing your imperfections, focus on highlighting your best assets such as your eyes, hair and lips.

When you go out, I recommend going for a fresh look. Instead of investing in expensive makeup that conceals your true beauty, go spend your money on skincare products.

#4. Go and wear a scent he will never forget

The scent is something extremely hard to forget. Men tend to notice even the faintest perfume or cologne worn by the opposite sex. If your crush associates positive emotions when they smell your perfume, it’s highly likely for you to attract him and boost your sexual appeal.

Make sure that you bring a bottle of fragrance with you no matter where you go. There are so many types and brands of women’s perfumes. I recommend picking a scent that best reflects your character. Also, I suggest using fragrances that smell like food like honey, vanilla and chocolate. These are quite popular among men.

#5. Don’t be too obvious

It’s totally fine to show a guy that you’re interested in him, but i suggest you keep things down a few notches. Don’t share too much about yourself because you will only appear too desperate for attention. Also, most guys want to know some things on their own so you should avoid revealing everything about you.

Allow him to ask you questions instead of saying everything upfront. Then, allow him to share things about himself too.

Also, don’t force things to happen. Conversations, dates and whatnot should feel as natural as possible.

#6. Reveal your truest self

Crush (2)

Showing who you really are should be your top priority. If at the end of the day he doesn’t like you back because you’re too smart or if you have these quirky mannerisms then perhaps you need to move on.

Pretending to be someone you’re not will only result in a miserable charade.

Don’t hide your true self. Instead, embrace it wholeheartedly. If he finds you attractive despite the flaws then you definitely picked the right guy.

By then, you can start working on your dating game and wait for things to unfold on their own.

Signs that he is starting to like you too

If you successfully follow the tips I shared with you above, then you’re off to a great start. In a few days or weeks, your crush will definitely start to notice you.

After you get his attention, your next priority is to determine if he’s already starting to feel the same way about you.

Look out for these signs below:

  • He’s showing more interest – When a guy starts asking more questions about you or tries to reach out to you as often as he could, it’s a sign that he’s starting to like you back.
  • You catch him staring and smiling at you – if you notice him smiling or staring at you more frequently than the past few days, you know for sure that Cupid’s arrow has struck his heart.
  • He regularly keeps in touch – Despite his busy and hectic schedule at work, he calls to check up on you. He even asks you if you’ve had dinner or if you’re already going to bed.
  • He always wants to be around you – He wants to spend his time with you as often as possible even if it meant driving for 30 minutes just to get to you. You know for sure that he’s bitten by the love bug when the thought of getting separated from you kills him inside.

How to keep the fire burning

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Congratulations! You didn’t just succeed in making him like you but also made great progress in your relationship. The challenge you have to face now is to keep the love alive.

I know that it tends to get harder at this point. While it can be extremely challenging to keep the relationship as exciting as possible, if you succeed in cultivating respect and love for another, your simple infatuation can turn into something more worthwhile.

To ensure that you build a stronger relationship, you must learn how he expresses his love for you. Does he do it through words? Does he prefer saying things to you in words?

Also, you need to work on how you communicate with one another. Make sure that you keep an open communication line so you can tell each other about what you truly feel. In case you have problems, settle it amicably through a peaceful discussion.

I’m pretty sure that you can do this. You did great in making him like you back, so I know that you will also manage to build a happy and long-term relationship.