Handbags are considered one of the most dependable and purposeful accessories in a woman’s life. Not only do they store items necessary for daily use, they also safeguard the valuables from external factors including weather, theft or damage. They are a great source of help to the working woman by helping them to maintain formal and elegant looks.

With the growing trends and abundance of choices available between sizes, styles, and prices – it tends to get extremely difficult, making the right choice.

Here we will take a detailed look at the handbags which you will need for various purposes, particularly while traveling.

Satchel Bag – Designer Classics

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One of the most essential bags to have for all-purpose use particularly, when you are a working woman and have to travel, is a satchel bag. A workhorse in nature, it comes in different handle size, varying from medium to large with the capacity to hold almost anything, including paperback notebook, mobile phone, tablet or even a small laptop.

It can also store makeup pouch for casual use. Neutral-color looks are the best in this style. Dark or medium shades of brown or black are a handy pick when it comes to stains and scuffs, as they are not much noticeable on it.

Carry-All Totes

The tote is one of the most basic bags which a working woman would like to have. It comes in a minimal and classy contour which can handle all necessary belongings while traveling.

Be it from home to work or post work shopping, it suits all the occasions. Which color to pick, depends upon your personality. It may add color to your existing work wardrobe. Darker shades of brown or black can go well with various clothing ensembles. Neutral colors can also be used to complement your attire.

When in Doubt, Go for a Shoulder Bag

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The shoulder bag is among the most preferred bags used in daily routine and also while traveling. There are numerous brands which offer this bag with slight variations in style, making it more compelling to buy so many them. The biggest benefit it offers is its big size which can keep all necessary items, anytime. Realistically speaking, the mini supermarket a woman usually holds with her to carry all the time, this is the bag which ideally suits her offering great comfort and style.

The Cross body

]This is a bag which offers great freedom, specifically, when you are a working woman doing shopping, running errands, and traveling. Holding all the necessary items close, it delivers a look which is classier than a backpack. A decent crossbody bag usually comes with a robust strap which is quite changeable with a front flap making it convenient to move.

Ideally, it is best suited in medium size, however with a smaller size, the functionality can be minimized as having it in large size may become difficult to carry. It is perfectly suited when you are with the kids.

Going Traditional with a Quilted Bag

Traditionally, a quilted bag is regarded as a classic. Some brands tend to make them extremely stylish which every woman would like to carry, especially when traveling. When thinking about buying a bag and not regretting later, this the one to invest in.

While going through the quilted bag options offered by numerous top brands, always go for the best quality so that it can last longer. These bags add more definition to the style and overall personality you carry.

The Clutch

A fine, tailor-made clutch redefines class and elegance because you never always keep a massive bag when traveling. It is an excellent choice in bags, particularly, when you know what to keep in and what to throw out. It usually comes with cute looking small pouches that can easily carry your cellphone and lipstick.

Women often put cash or plastic money in their clutch bags. It comes with several options with different dimensions according to the requirements. Pick with multiple pockets so it can be more fun to play with. Relatively, it is not an expensive investment, so you may add to your collection with several different colors and materials.

Sightseeing with a Hobo

Hobo offers a crescent shape which makes it convenient to use either for casual or formal purposes, or even when traveling. It’s a shoulder style bag but the shape is not much wide. It is extremely handy so you may get one if you are tired of carrying traditional totes or shoulder bags. It adds new flavor to your regular wardrobe and style.

The Wristlet

Wristlet bag is similar to a wallet but comes with way more comfort and functionality, which is desired when you plan to travel. Several renowned brands offer this bag with minor variations in style, incorporating elegant and fancy looks. They can easily carry cash, cards, and cellphone. They are extremely convenient to hold in wrists and will keep your belongings closer to you.

Go Wild with Florescent

A color bag is a great way to add definition to your style. Undoubtedly, you need to put in colors of joy in your life so that it can intensely influence your mood. One of the most effective ways to use a color bag is to mismatch it to your clothes. Select a color that’s opposite to whatever you wear, in order to have good contrast.

Whenever you try taupe or camel color outfit, prefer to carry a red or a yellow bag. When you wear red, light blue will suit fit. It might feel gaudy, but it really works. Whereas when you are wearing a black, white or navy, always try breaking up with color. This is for women who love to experiment with their looks and accessories.

The Beach Bag


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Beach bag, is a must-have when you are tired of office work and want to go on a vacation. Do not listen to anyone whoever is against this bag. A straw basket or jute-made bag looks trendy and suits best as it is both waterproof and chic. Also, it can carry all the relevant items needed, when you go plunge into the ocean.