Travelling has been considered as one of the greatest stress busters since ages. It gives a break from the daily mundane life, some much needed me time and one also gets to explore the mysteries and magic that Mother Nature beholds. Apart from this, one gets to experience unusual refreshing moments, get to interact and befriend new people and thus creates many a beautiful cherishing memories that may linger in the mind for a very long time.

It thus becomes a unique learning process, wherein new adventurous places are visited and explored. This helps to bring in more knowledge and information about varied cultures and their glorious histories. Research shows that a person needs a good diversion of mind, away from the usual responsibilities, work pressures and hectic schedules and for this, travelling is a wonderful option.

Therefore, a traveler, as compared to a non-traveler, is always in better health, smarter, refreshed with new ideas and mindset to face the challenges of life ahead, is abreast of the new cultures and lifestyles around the world, gives an opportunity to eat good, dress nice, try new things and positively helps to maintain a good social circle.

Here we shall ponder over some benefits of extensive travelling that is a boon for both, body and mind.

  1. Body at work

The biggest advantage of travelling is that it boosts up body movements and keeps the blood circulation of the body in regularity. The body is exposed to an excitement rush while travelling wherein much walking, standing and climbing are included. Travelling brings in fresh air that results in healthier lungs and heart due to the extra activities that one is exposed to.

Travelers tend to get fitter, lose weight, and keep their blood pressure in check, which lowers the risk of cholesterol and heart issues. This ensures lesser visits to the doctor and keeps the body alert and active.

  1. Mind at work

Another biggest advantage of travelling is that it keeps the mind busy, alert and active. The general difficulties and challenges of travelling help a great deal to strengthen the mind muscles. The traveler is busy enjoying the places, actually temporarily living new lifestyles and learning a lot of fascinating things and this keeps his mind away from negative thoughts.

Depression and anxiety do not crowd the mind, as it is too engrossed in exploring new lands and lifestyles. Thus, travelling is a great sure shot way to strengthen mental health, create good and positive memories and attain positivity toward life.

  1. Creating creativity

They say creativity brings good health and wellness. Travelling boosts up the creative quotient in a person because he is thrown out of his own comfort zone and left to deal new situations and challenges. This makes the person come up with news thoughts and ideas that will better their present situation when he is on a foreign land.

Even before setting out on a new journey, planning it all to have a great meaningful time ahead also requires good brains and a certain dose of creativity. The traveler gets to witness that way foreign people are handling their life challenges and gets positive vibes to handle their own.

  1. Stress buster

Stress reduction, according to research on ageing, is one of the most important advantages of travelling. A 2012 study says that about, 89 percent people on vacation discovered that they were more stress free and relaxed after their vacations and rejuvenated to continue with the challenges of life ahead.

Many leisure activities such as sailing, boating, paragliding and mountaineering greatly bring in positivity and excitement in a person thereby releasing bouts of stress and depression from his mind and body. Therefore, a traveler’s life is far more adventurous and rewarding compared to than that of a non-traveler.

  1. Overall wellbeing

Life is said to be an adventure and man, an explorer. Positivity toward travelling and the challenges that it throws in, make a person, alert, aware and more active and that too, both physically and mentally. It has become increasingly important being staying healthy while you travel, so the trip can be a blend of both, enjoyment as well as overall wellbeing of the traveller.

The traveller gets exposure to tasting new food, meeting new faces, enjoying Mother Nature in all its bloom and thus returning back, much refreshed and energised. That is why, a good break is much needed to get that new healthy approach towards life and its ways.

  1. Alternative lifestyles

Nothing stimulates the senses more than a rejuvenating break from the monotony of routine lifestyle. They get to experience alternative lifestyles like yogic tranquil in an ashram, spending a couple of days in lush green forest reserves, or to an island far away from the concoctions of modern-day telecommunication. Who knows, you may pick up a healthy habit like reading, listening to the radio, or even vaping or e-cigarettes?

But if you are already vaping then congratulations! You have already started a lesser harmful lifestyle alternative. For you, a travel can be incomplete without the vaping essentials. Since vaping helps to kick the smoking habit, you would want to go well-prepared, lest you fall into the smoking habit again. Make sure to carry the batteries, charger and the e-liquid cartridges, in order to enjoy tobacco-free smoke during the trip.

It is better to carry the e-cig, wrapped up in a leak proof seal, and e-cig accessories in the carry-on luggage. It is also advisable to keep the battery and the atomizer separately. The main thing is to be calm and follow the rules of the place like a dutiful traveler.

Parting Views

We all have one life and enriching it with some enlightenment and excitement makes perfect sense. Therefore, the main principle of life should be dream, discover and explore. This can be achieved by travelling to break free from the daily pressures of life and getting more informed about Mother Nature, its magnificence and inhabitants.

That is the best way to change a dreary “I wish I had” to an energetic “I’m glad I did”. So one can experience newer destinations, new people and new lifestyles that add an extra spice and a refreshing break from the normal life people lead.