The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is home to tropical temperatures, remote surf beaches, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sights and the ruins of ancient civilisations. Surfers and aspiring yogis have been flocking to Sri Lanka ever since peace returned to the country in 2009.

The developing scenario in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry means that systems and procedures are still being perfected and enforced; in such a case travellers will be much better informed with a private tour guide in Sri Lanka. Travelling with a local is always the best way to learn about a country’s customs, food, wildlife and history, and to visit secret gems not yet discovered by the crowds. Not only that, a guide can be a friendly face and a helping hand when you have just stumbled off a plane and are struggling to acclimatise.

private tour guide in Sri Lanka

Hiring a guide is always a good idea when you’re short of time. As Sri Lanka gains prominence on the world tourist map, knowledge of its sights and attractions is only increasing. From tea plantations in the hill country and white sandy beaches to wildlife hidden in national parks and the ruins of ancient civilisations, there is an overwhelming amount of ground to cover. You will move much more efficiently in a private car with a private tour guide and a driver, who will also help plan a time efficient travel itinerary.

Sri Lanka’s rich history

What’s more, tour guides are the best means to learning about Sri Lanka’s rich history and culture. Starting at the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, make your way through temples and ruins to the Sinhalese capitals of Kandy and Anuradhapura, hence completing Sri Lanka’s famous cultural triangle. But that’s not all; there is the golden temple at Dambulla, the fascinating rock of Sigiriya, and so much more, while Galle transports travellers back to a different era of Dutch colonialism. All this can be planned by a guide keeping in mind the traveller’s interests and time schedules. What’s more, a private tour guide can be hired for a few days or just a few hours to help travellers explore a site, meaning your trip can be personalized to your travel style to the nth degree.

visit one of Sri Lanka’s protected rainforests

Sri Lanka is home to a rich green interior, flush with tea plantations and protected rainforests, home to an interesting variety of wildlife. Sri Lanka’s beautiful landscape invites closer inspection, and a hike in the Central Province will lead you through tea plantations and the remote villages home to tea pickers. Or visit one of Sri Lanka’s protected rainforests, such as Sinharaja Forest Reserve, an ecological treasure (and UNESCO world heritage site) where 160 bird species and many rare and endangered trees thrive.

Be it a bird watching expedition, adventure sports or a hike through uncharted trails in forests, tour guide services come in handy for everything from specialised skills to organising transport to and from the venue.

As with any journey, staying safe on the road means being careful of scammers, touts and others looking to take advantage of tourists. Tour guides or operators typically take it up as their moral responsibility to ensure the safety of travellers under their care; it is of course important to whet and choose your tour guide carefully while planning your travels to ensure they are reliable. The Internet reveals some highly recommended tour guides praised by their past clients.

Not only for their guiding services but also the warmth hospitality and personal touch they lent to the tour. Look for them, to be assured of a great holiday!