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Winkles for men its reflection of their experience but for girls and ladies it’s a true nightmare. But guess it a fact that with the change in life style the aging process i.e. formation of wrinkles is speeding up. But when I talk about solution there are many products available with the aim of acquire wrinkle-free skin, many individuals, particularly women go for dermal fillers, Botox injections and many other insecure methods.

These methods will work excessive once, but your skin will get worse afterwards.

I can’t…… for me getting something from nature is the best option.

These are my work on remedies to reduce wrinkles naturally.


Tomato an easily available product is a very operational home-based therapy for reducing wrinkles. Eat a tomato regularly. This will stiffen your skin and give your cheeks will glow and with redness. We can also rub on tomato mash on our face and neck for instant revivifying and fresher looking skin.


Almond an all-time health loving ingredient is also a way to reduce wrinkles. Little droplets of almond oil can really help in getting cleared of wrinkles. This is the greatest homemade medicine for creases below eyes.


Universal solvent the best remedy to solve this wrinkle problem. Confused …. I am talking about water guys……. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water and you will see the difference in one month. This is a way in which toxin level of your body is naturalized by the water.


Apricot and Sandalwood is a very prehistoric medicine. They will bring a glow to your face. Used them in a base of face pack with rosewater will give your skin a blushing look give you wrinkle-free skin. It is also a good remedy for acne.


You must have heard about the phenomenon prevention is better than cure so you can also take care of your skin and can make it wrinkle free by avoiding direct sunlight by using scarf ,sunglass and other preventive measure to make your skin wrinkle free.


Amazing but true a cup of coffee with cocoa in it can also help in revitalizing your skin an make it radiant and glow and definitely gonna help in getting a baby smooth skin. So have a cup of coffee refresh your mind as well as your skin.


Green tea also prevents aging which is a biggest reason for wrinkle generation.


Even banana the common men fruit is also an agent which prevent wrinkle. Mash a banana and mix it until it goes not get a cream curd layer out of that. Apply this as a face pack and allow it to dry completely and raise it well.


Making a cumber face back and applying it will also help in preventing wrinkles. By nature it a very cooling vegetable and applying this on your face helps in cooling your skin and protect your skin from harmful effect of sun rays.


Papaya is another choice for eliminating wrinkles and fine strokes. Yield a portion of papaya and pulp it. Supplement honey to it and rub it on the neckline and face. It a magical formula for removing wrinkles.

I hope this few tips gonna help you in enhancing you wrinkle free look.  And it’s all harmless remedies for revival of your skin and no side effect. Gooo natural……