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Well when age increase your beauty decreases. As a women get older, her age starts reflecting on her face. Face starts getting dull, patches, and wrinkled, dark circles. When your age hits around 30s, your beauty routine of 20s are no more effective on you. Skin ageing generally starts at age of 28-30 when you start getting fine lines on your face. It is necessary to have modification in your daily routine. You don’t to panic and take stress. We have some beautiful beauty tips for women over 30s. So, stay calm and scroll down for amazing beauty tips and tricks.

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing is must

In 20s, we might not give attention on cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But around and after 30 it’s better not to ignore CTM routine. It will help to eliminate all impurities and dead skin cells and give fresh, healthy and younger looking skin.

Go for a facial once in a month

Facials are good way to keep your skin perfectly hydrated, radiant and flawless. If your daily schedule is hectic then also at least find some time and go for facials once in a month to maintain your glowing face forever.

Regular exercise

It is essential to be fit and healthy because maintaining health will keep your skin beautiful naturally. So, opt for a gym and just to do morning walk, jogging, yoga, aerobics, exercise.  It nourishes your blood cells, reduce stress and tension, remove waste products from your skin and prevent you from acne.

Apply sunscreen before stepping out

It’s better to apply sunscreen before going out in direct sunlight for longer period. It protects skin from UVB and UPA rays. Sunscreen of 40 SPF would be ideal for women over 30s. It protects you from getting tanned, brown spots, wrinkled and damaged skin and even cancer.

Drink plenty of water

Drink as around 1.5 to 2 liters of fresh and pure water every day. Water helps in replenish and hydrate your skin from inside. Water based beverages like tea, juices, coffee etc; these things don’t make any difference. So, drink 8-10 glasses fresh water per day. It not only keeps your skin hydrated but purges toxins from body.

Use quality and right beauty products

Always make right choice of your beauty products. Choose only such beauty products which are formulated for your skin type and work best for you. Once you get your right products that suit your skin best and have maximum impact, never change them.

Exfoliate your skin

As your start ageing, your skin gets drier. You start developing wrinkles and lines on your face. You might also have more rough texture on your skin from earlier age. The reason for this is accumulation of layers of dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and bring back your shiny, lustrous skin. Even reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on skin.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and cigarettes

After 30s need to reduce smoking and drinking. It affects your health and risks your life more than in younger age. The harmful effect of alcohol and smoke are more in old ages. Smoking also takes away the glow and charm of the face. Excessive of smoking brings wrinkles and makes face look pale and grey.

Get involved in face masks

At 30s, start taking interest in face masks to maintain the shine of your face. Don’t need to spend unnecessarily on such chemical products. All you need to do is make some homemade face pack collecting ingredients from home itself. Honey, milk, various fruits, yoghurt, vegetables are widely used to make natural face pack.

 Eat goji berries

Start taking goji berries as much as possible. These berries are rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins and have anti-aging properties. They also help to manage stress and even known for its strengthening properties.

To have everlasting younger looking skin, do follow these guidelines and always remember, your skin should reflect your beauty, not your age. So, follow all these skin care advice to look gorgeous and stunning forever.

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