Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is taking the country by storm. New products that contain CBD oil are being introduced to the market and the demand for new and existing CBD products just keeps growing. Results of multiple studies confirm the health benefits of cannabidiol; the compound is even used in mainstream treatment for epilepsy today.
The growing popularity of CBD is not without its reasons. Aside from the big marketing buzz coming from this growing industry, CBD oil also brings real benefits to the table. Experts are already saying that the market for CBD products will grow by as much as 400% this year, and there are some very good reasons behind this prediction.

It’s Available Legally

CBD oil and other products that use cannabidiol as the primary ingredient are classified differently to marijuana. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, yes, but the compound itself does not contain psychoactive substances. During the extraction process, CBD is separated from THC, which is the substance that causes that high feeling and hallucinations when we consume cannabis.

Since CBD is classified differently and is not regarded as a psychoactive substance, it can be used as raw material for other products or sold in its original extract (tincture) form across the country. Don’t be surprised to find a lot of retailers and online sellers openly advertising their CBD products.

It’s a Good Treatment for Inflammation

Many health issues can be traced back to inflammation of a specific organ or part of the body. Are you suffering from lower back pain? You probably have an inflamed muscle in the area. Dealing with a tension headache that reoccurs from time to time? Inflammation is the cause of the problem too.

Since CBD is an effective anti-inflammation treatment, using CBD oil for treating a wide range of health issues is the next step to take. If you are dealing with back pain, for instance, applying CBD topicals or consuming one or two drops of CBD oil under the tongue will remedy the issue.

It’s Still Relaxing

What’s interesting about CBD is how relaxing it is. I’m not just talking about helping your mind cool down either. CBD helps your muscles relax almost immediately after use. This is why many athletes and those who perform a lot of physical activity rely on CBD oil to ease muscle pain.

Don’t forget that CBD also helps your muscles recover at a faster rate. In fact, it improves the body’s metabolism and allows cell regeneration to happen faster, especially when combined with a good night’s sleep.

Speaking about a good night sleep, CBD is great for helping you regain control over your sleep pattern. Apply CBD topicals or take CBD supplements regularly to restore your body’s natural clock and improve your sleep at night.

It Gets Better

Manufacturers are improving the way they produce CBD extracts and other forms of CBD products., one of the leading names in the industry, continues to find ways to increase the purity and concentration of their CBD oil.

Among the steps the company took was using supercritical CO2 extraction as the extraction method of choice. The extraction method allows the CBD oil produced to be incredibly pure. The method also eliminates imperfections caused by higher THC levels or heavy metals found in hemp.

Other steps – such as extracting CBD oil from full-spectrum raw materials rather than only one part of the cannabis plant – are also taken for the same purpose. You can learn more here and see why products from are among the most popular on both B2B and B2C markets.

As mentioned before, experts believe that the industry will grow exponentially this year. Considering why CBD products are so popular in the first place, it is safe to say that the industry will grow beyond the expected rate.