For a long time, Cannes Festival has remained one of the popular festivals among filmmakers, actors, producers, directors and special artists associated with the entire film industry. However, the popularity of the Cannes Festival has not only remained among film giants countrywide. Instead, public or common people have started giving huge importance to the Cannes festival.

Cannes Festival Highlights Mindful of Reality Aspects

Every one of us knows very well that the success of any film and reputation of its director depend solely on the way, they deliver their best performances in cinemas. However, even the event is available for experts of the film industry, people give importance to the Cannes Festival because of the fact that it has mindful of reality aspects.


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Festival is Taking Important Steps for Improvement

Another strong reason behind the popularity of the Cannes Festival is that every year it takes steps to bring improvement in the way, in which it approaches large numbers of film enthusiasts. Since the opening of the festival on 2012, it hosted the screening at Cannes, released the opening film in French cinemas and broadcasted the respective opening ceremony in nearby cinemas. In this way, the festival enabled audiences to experience live telecast of the Festival launch during the same night.

Open-air Screenings-Prime Attractions of the Festival

Each night of the Cannes Festival, Cinema de la Plage screens play a unique film and that too in the presence of celebrities and other honorable guests. Prime objective behind open-air screenings is to set up and highlight a strong link of film stars with public and in turn, to play varieties of other events, including a variety of musical concerts.