A few decades ago, blazers were formal, thick and a little boring. But, fashion trends have changed dramatically. You can pair your blazers with shorts and pants. Blazers will go well with different outfits. Nowadays, designers design a short draped blazer-style dress which makes women look elegant and stylish. Girls who attend boarding schools and private schools have blazer as a part of their uniforms. Blazer dress is considered as summer’s version of the power suit. Many celebrities successfully styled their blazers as dresses. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, Kendell Jenner, and Kristen Stewart can be seen wearing blazer dresses to parties and red carpet.

Outfit Ideas and Buying Tips

When it comes to a blazer, options are practically endless. The blazers for women come in all colors, prints, cuts, and fabrics. Colors and fabrics can be selected based on the occasion you are going to wear. Navy, charcoal gray and light gray will be the best choice to look professional. Single-breasted blazer has one button that connects on the side of the blazer and suits all body types and occasions. Fabrics and Styles can be different for different occasions. Double-breasted blazer has more fabric and covers your shirt. Waterfall blazer is a shrug type. You can wear an informal blazer with jeans. You can slay in style by tucking in a plain V-neck T-shirt into light washed denim shirts and wear a blazer and a satin scarf. Wearing a colored blazer over palazzo pants is considered cool.

The style and the cut of the blazer reflect the characteristics of the person wearing it. Bust, Buttons, Lapels, Length, Shoulder, and Sleeve are the key areas you should take into account when finding the best fitting blazer. Your blazer should not feel tight around your shoulders that you can hardly raise your arms or move around comfortably. The sleeves of your blazer should end at your wrist bone. For a professional look, it is not beneficial to have sleeves that hit a mid-arm or do not quite reach the wrist bone. Tailor-made blazers give the sophisticated look compared to ready-made blazers. Many online designer stores offer high-quality blazers at the best price.

What to wear with a blazer for different occasions

Blazers have the ability to instantly change the tone of your outfit to perfectly suit the situation. It can be paired with any fashion items you have in your wardrobe. Your blazer will look trendy and flattering with skinny jeans or denim and it is easy to wear. Pair it with any footwear you want like boots, heels, flats or sandals. Add stylish accessories for every occasion you are going to attend. Skirts are also the best pair for a blazer. Wear the blazer with a skirt in feminine prints and colors for a cute contrast and designers suggest tailored shorts in various sophisticated styles and models. Choose a dress with rich fabric and a classic cut, and pair it with luxe blazers to make you look stylish and fashion for formal occasions. Pair a versatile blazer in black or white to wear with any fashion wardrobe you have. Candy pastel shades are the best option to wear during a causal event for a more feminine and girly look.

Tailor-made blazers

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