Every month has its’ own specialty, February is no different. Yes, it has a specialty too. Guess what? Actually you would have guessed it the moment I spelled February. Yeah, you are right; it is the month of Love. The month is known for its celebration of love on an auspicious ‘Valentine’s day’. It is very obvious that you all will be excited about it. But, do you have any idea of how to make it special? If your answer is no, then you should surely read this article. By the way if your answer is yes, even then you can proceed reading this, because there is no harm in reading one.

The person that you are gonna spend your valentine’s day with, is tricky. So, I have made a list of all the possible “Would-be’s “.

With your other half:

Probably the person with whom you would all love to hang out with, on a valentine’s day would be your other half/soul mate. When it comes to celebrating with them, there are some cliche traditions that you should follow.

Firstly, you should be ready with a valentine’s day card. Normally people tend to get a prewritten card from the stores. But, I would suggest you to make up your own card. You needn’t be a poet to write lines, give it a try or just sneak in some lines from the internet. Pull in some lines simple because complex lines would seriously raise a question on individuality. Make sure your other half doesn’t get to know all about this.

Secondly, you should get a flower, preferably a white or a red colored rose. Rose surely is a symbol of love. Valentine’s day would be incomplete without it.

Thirdly, get a gift that best explains your love. Avoid getting daily usage gifts rather opts for something that really represents your closeness. Apart from these three things, you could also add things like a candle light dinner, a movie of any sorts, hanging out together in the place where you too came to being a single soul; this may also trigger your long cherished memories making your day ‘extra special’.

With your friends:

Friends make our life happier and comfortable every single day; valentine’s day is no exception. The safest bet on a valentine’s day would be hanging out with your friends.

The reasons are plenty; firstly you don’t need to crack up your skull looking for an idea. You could always plan something out of the blue and obviously everyone is gonna agree to it. That is the beauty of being surrounded by friends. Also, you didn’t worry about the money, for everyone will surely catch in some money so that you will probably end up making merry. Plan something that more or less looks like a road trip. Enjoy your day out.

You could also be a little traditional by gifting your friend. It would make your friend feel special about him strengthens your bond. Also, you could throw in some roses from www.lamouretfleurs.com as a sign of friendship. No, it is not odd to give roses to your friends; preferably an orange one.

With your family:

Spending valentine’s day with your family is one of the best things to do. Actually, people think it, as a taboo. Do you feel spending ‘the day of love’ with the persons who have cared for you always as awkward? That is what I am trying to say. It is not a taboo at all. Actually it would make your family happy and proud. What else do you want?

family day

The perfect way to start the day with your family would be to hide gifts under random places in your house. You could also have a hand at treasure hunts, it would be quite exciting. By doing this, you could possibly explore the lighter side of your parents; maybe the child in them too. Also, it would be nicer if you could get them a gift that they have been long wondering to pursue.

Spend some day out shopping and dropping off at a restaurant. It would be refreshing for your mother to get a day off from her kitchen chores. Finally end the day with a good movie.

With your own self:

For people who have been skipping through all these paragraphs just to find out what I am gonna say about spending time with your own self; this is for you. Being single, you would think ‘What is it for me on valentine’s day?’ But, the point is, it is not exactly for the people who have a soul mate. It is for all those people who have the desire to love, who cares for others and for those who wish to spread the love.

The first step to keep yourself happy is, by loving your own self. Don’t listen to people who keep annoying you, bringing up the fact that you are still single. It is not odd for you to be single. You are definitely not the only one. Take a good shower; freshen up your thoughts and do the best thing that you love doing. If you love watching movies, go give it some time. Or you could visit a restaurant, book a table for two and annoy the other couples who are out of tables. Do whatever that makes you happy. Spending some time with yourself would really help you understand about life, trust me in this. You could also make this day extra special by visiting the orphanage and old age homes. Try to put a smile around them; you would certainly be loved by God.

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