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Are you looking for top-quality diamond rings, pendants, or jewelry for a special occasion? Your best bet is to find the right diamond engagement ring is to find a wholesale dealer or distributor who adheres to the strictest guidelines and has years of expertise under their belt. With the experience and knowledge of a seasoned pro, you can find just the right diamond for yourself or your loved one. Be sure to do a bit of research before you do business with a dealer or distributor, and check out these tips before you buy!

The GIA Guarantee

GIA certified diamonds in Toronto have been identified and classified by the reputable Gemological Institute of America, which is a globally-recognized institute. In order to receive such acknowledgement, a diamond must adhere to a series of regulations and pass a grading system that looks at the various aspects of a such a stone. When you purchase a diamond that has been approved and certified by the GIA, you can trust that you are getting one of the most prestigious and quality gemstones on the market. They have had to go through a range of examinations and they have been discovered in some of the hotspots of the world!

The 4-C Promise

So, what exactly makes a GIA certified diamond? Experts look at the four C’s, which help to distinguish and price a gemstone. The four C’s are clarity, color, cut, and carat. Diamonds of the highest caliber possess a clarity that lends itself to a translucent color; not dull or opaque. There is actually a vast array of diamonds, ranging from completely colorless to having undertones of yellow, brown, or grey. Other diamond colors may include quite a multitude of tones, spanning the color spectrum. Moreover, the cut tends to be octahedral and may have up to 58 facets. One carat is equivalent to about 0.2 grams.

The Perfect Gift

Of course, with such a variety of diamond properties, they make great gifts for all sorts of occasions. Perhaps the most common use for diamond jewelry is for engagement and wedding rings. Use the tips and hints described above to seek out the most fitting diamond ring for the love of your life. The sparkle and shine of a GIA certified diamond cannot be matched, and with expert ratings and the utmost care, you can trust that your purchase will radiant for years to come!