If you’re like many people, you would like to work as your own boss. For some people that means becoming a freelance worker, while others want to become entrepreneurs who start and manage businesses.

Despite their desires, the majority of people who want to be their own bosses will continue working in regular jobs where they answer to one or more managers. Do you have what it takes to work independently? Make sure your personality traits and skills meet the following criteria. If they do, then you have a good chance of finding success as your own boss.

You’re a Self-Directed Person

Working for oneself isn’t right for everyone. Some people need bosses checking in on them regularly to make sure they’re reaching their goals. If that sounds like you, then your productivity could suffer after you strike out on your own. If you are self-directed and goal-oriented, though, there is a good chance that you have the right personality to work for yourself.

You Don’t Mind Working Alone

Some people feel that freelancing is lonely. When you are your own boss, you often have to spend hours alone reviewing invoices, revising your business plan, and doing whatever kind of work you get paid for.

Some professions involve more socializing than others. If you’re a writer or market analyst, expect to spend days working alone without seeing colleagues or clients. If you’re a photographer, you will see some of your clients at weddings, graduations, and other events. Still, you’ll spend a lot of time adjusting images so they meet your client’s demands. No matter what kind of work you do, you will have days when you don’t see anyone. If you’re okay with that, then you can probably be your own boss.

You Know How to Spot Legitimate Opportunities

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that a lot of work-from-home opportunities are scams. In some cases, thieves want to take your work without paying for it. Some will even convince you to invest in fraudulent projects so they can steal your cash.

If you’re going to work as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need to know how to spot legitimate opportunities that have real earning potential. You can start learning more about business opportunities by following Amway on Twitter. Amway’s Twitter account frequently shares information about selling opportunities that are practically guaranteed to earn you a profit. You can also use it to meet other entrepreneurs who share your interests.

You’re an Efficient Worker

Having a regular job means you can take it easy on certain days. If you feel a little under the weather, you can hide in your cubicle and complete the minimum amount of work to get through the day. You do not have that opportunity when you’re your own boss.

Self-employed people have to work as efficiently as possible. The more you can get done each day, the more money you make. Your revenue falls every time you take a day off or shirk your responsibilities.

If you’re a fairly efficient person with room to improve, try using apps like ClearFocus, Clear, and Todoist. They have features that will help you stay focused and clear your to-do list every day.

You’re a Good Communicator

You can’t work for yourself until you have a list of clients willing to pay you. That means you must manage multiple business relationships simultaneously, which requires excellent communication skills that a lot of people don’t have.

Again, you can use some apps to help you manage clients — CompanionLink is a good option — but you still need good communication skills to write persuasive emails and talk to people on the phone. If you’re not comfortable communicating with diverse people, then working for yourself probably isn’t a good idea unless you plan to hire a manager who can do it for you.

While many people want to become their own bosses, it isn’t the right option for everyone. If you have most of these traits, though, you could find that working for yourself is a good plan that takes your career to new, exciting places.