Finding someone who is committed to you and loves you unconditionally is one of the many things everyone wishes to have. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find a partner who is faithful to them and who will remain loyal no matter what. There are times when red flags go up and questions start popping up which makes one question whether or not their partner is actually being faithful.

If you feel that your partner is cheating on you and you wish to catch them in the act or gather some information before confronting them, the following are some things you can be aware of and look into before taking any step.

If you feel your partner has suddenly started coming home later than their normal time, ask them what’s keeping them work so late. If it really is work, the way they talk and their body language will corroborate what they are saying.

But if they are lying and making up excuses or even get angry with your questions, chances are they have something to hide. Furthermore, if late nights at work aren’t very common for your partner and if they begin to occur often, voice your concerns.

Maybe even go to their place of work if they are working late to surprise them and to be certain whether they truly are working.

Sometimes, when a partner starts to cheat they may end up using their credit card to pay for things out of convenience. If you are already concerned and have questions regarding the loyalty of your partner, look into their credit card details and any activity.

See what pops up and whether what you’re seeing is normal or not. Things you should look for are hotel bills, shopping bills or restaurant bills and then match to see whether you and your partner were together at those places or whether they’re for someone else.

When you have the chance, look into your partner’s phone. Chances are that they may not be willing to show you their phone on their own but if you see it lying around somewhere, peek into it and see if there’s someone your partner is communicating with who you don’t know about or any kind of communication which is taking place which is inappropriate. If you do find something and want to record it, think about installing a monitoring device onto your partner’s phone.

This way, all activity taking place on their phone will be stored on your control panel giving you access to whatever goes on their phone and for you to be able to use it as evidence if something does come up.

The truth is every relationship is a risk but effort needs to be put into ensuring that it will last long. Spending time with someone you don’t trust or you feel isn’t loyal to you is pointless so make sure that before you take any harsh decisions or confront your partner, you have all the evidence you need.