Beard is what that separates men from boys. They give men the masculine and the sexier look. But what if you haven’t styled your beard the proper way? Then you won’t have the ‘Oh Man’ Factor. If you want to make ladies all frenzy about you, then you should surely look into this article.

Grooming tools

Styling starts with having the best grooming accessories. They make your job easier. The accessories that you should have for sure are a comb, an electrically chargeable trimmer with adjustable clippers, razor with blade and a pair of scissors. The clippers can be used to maintain the length of the facial hair that you wish to sport.

Not every person has the same facial aspects. They vary from person to person. Basically the tone, texture, color and shape of the face various a lot. Among these aspects, the shape of the face determines the type of the styling that needs to be done. So let us see the different facial shapes and their necessary styling.

Square faced

Men with a square shaped face tend to style their beards in such a way that their face doesn’t look so box(y). Sporting an even spread of beard can help you achieving this. It needn’t to be bushy and thick, it just needs to be distributed all over the face. That will do.

Round faced

Some people have round shaped face which seems to be rounder than a football. No, I am just kidding. I suggest people with a round face to go for a circle shaped beard. You should clean shave the rest of the facial hair so that the circle styled beard gets more attention.

Triangle faced

People with a triangle face tend to have sharper chins. For these kinds of people, it is good to sport a thicker beard that covers the face vividly. This will make them look more muscular and manly.

Diamond faced

For diamond shaped people, I suggest you to let beard grow for 2-3 weeks and then trim them using a clipper. It should neither be thick nor thin. It should be of medium thickness and evenly spread too.

Rectangle faced

Rectangle faced persons tend to have a wider chin and a wider forehead. Shortening the thickness and length of the beard would look formidable on them. The slight distribution of beard will go along your rectangular shaped face.

Now, you are ready for the mission. Well abroad, my dear Man.