Electric Toothbrush:

Oral B

The first thing in the morning that you do everyday includes brushing your teeth. Isn’t it boring to brush your teeth every morning, with you lazy and all that? No, I am not asking you to stay dirty. I am just asking you to switch from the ‘ordinary toothbrush’ to an electric toothbrush. Everything is turning electric these days, why don’t your toothbrush too?



Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Sometimes brushing your teeth is not enough. Brushing your teeth daily doesn’t mean your teeth are plague free. So, what are you supposed to do to keep your teeth cleaner and plague free? You should do air flossing. Typical airfloss sprinkles micro droplets of air and water together that would help you get rid of the plague bio film.  Moreover the nozzle is tiny enough to fit perfectly between teeth to assist better cleaning.



Panasonic beard trimmer, Philips ear and nose Trimmer

Facial hair surely does make a man sexy; but it doesn’t mean you should have hair all over your body like a bear, especially inside your nostrils and ears. It is as gross as it sounds. Trim your beard from time to time; you could also sport funky styles using your trimmer. It is no rocket science handling one. But make sure you get rid of the unwanted hairs without leaving a trace of it. You surely would know what I mean.




Philips Aqua Touch

Not okay with a beard? Shave it down. Not with a razor, but with an electrically powered shaver. This shaver resembles the same as that of an electric trimmer. But it differs from the fact that you would be using a shaving cream for this. It is safer to use than a razor and also easier to handle. Now, you don’t have to worry about bleeding to tears; exactly the kind of situations that you would have gone through while using a normal razor.


 Hair Clipper:

Wahl Elite Pro

Getting a haircut done is the worst nightmare that we (men) are facing today. Even though we hit the same barber that we have been visiting for years, there is no guarantee that we would us leave with the same haircut as he did the previous time. We can’t trust someone else to do things for us in the way that pleases us; he may not know what we are thinking in our mind for definitely a barber is not a mind reader of any sorts. So why can’t we pick up our burden? Yes, we can cut our own through a hair clipper. It is available online too. We get long blades to suit our need and also we could refer some online tutorials to cut our hair properly by our own self.


 Body Groomer:

Philips Body Groomer

When was the last time you saw your favorite hero sporting a hairy look on his body? Does the time dates back to a decade now? Yeah, it certainly is out dated. Nobody bothers to grow hair on their body now. Women find men without body hairs sexier now. So you gotta move along with the tide to be in the custody of chicks. Get the groomer on to your body, work out it and you would be back in the league again.


 Shower Speaker:

Kohler Overhead Shower Speaker

Now, this is one gadget most people wouldn’t heard of. This is a shower speaker, you could remove the core part of your normal shower with these little speaker gadgets. Do you what follows? The gadget has an inbuilt Bluetooth system which could be used to connect with your music system or your smart phone. You could shower in, while dancing to the beats echoing through the overhead shower speaker. This may be addictive so try to finish your shower soon or else you will be down with fever.


 Face Cleanser:

Clinique Sonic Face Cleanser, Foreo Luna

Is it important to cleanse your face? Yes, it is. Cleansing is more than just cleaning. It helps replenishing your skin, adding it a glow. It cleans the pores in your skin and makes it devoid of dust. Wash your face, apply the cleanser on to your face or on to the cleanser brush, massage for a minute and then wash your face. You will surely feel the difference. The brush will help you reach deeper and offers you a gentle cleansing.


Hair Dryer:

Philips, Panasonic

As everyone is quite aware of a hair dryer, I am actually saved from the burden of explaining it to you in depth. Since the gadget is pretty much well-known don’t be blind folded while getting one. Stick to the top brands; don’t invest in some untimely junk. A hair dryer will always be handy when you are in a hurry-burry situation, it would dry your hair in minutes so basically you needn’t worry about your hair; just dress up. Also don’t use it regularly; it will remove the essential moisture content in your hair.


Hair Straightener:

Philips, Panasonic

I strongly recommend this for men with frizzy and curly hair that is all over the place. You should try this for sure. It will help your hair settle. Be patient in handling a hair straightener, otherwise you will end up burning your hair. Actually it is a worst case scenario, so don’t be afraid to handle one.



So, these were the top grooming gadgets every man should have. Enjoy your grooming. Have a great day……


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