Celebrities are major trend setters in the world of fashion and style. They are fond of experimenting with their looks and style on a regular basis, which is further followed by their fans across the globe. From clothing to accessories, these celebs make sure that they look their best when they are out in public appearances.

As far as accessories are concerned, luxury watches have always been a favorite among these celebs. It is surprising to know that some of these watches even cost more than their cars.

They love to flaunt their watches not only in public appearances but also in their movies and performances as well. For example, Pierce Brosnan carried an Omega Seamaster in all of his four James Bond movies and Rihanna wore a number of Piaget watches and bracelet during the whole course of performance in the song Take a Bow.

Let us journey you through some of the famous celebrities with the most expensive watches through the infographic below by Give and Take .
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Celebrities with the Most Expensive Watches

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