It is been a common thought in the society that nice guys get dumped by the girls but that’s not true always because it is not that only girls dump boys but boys also dump girls and it goes both ways.

The girls and boys have the same mindset hence it would not be right to blame anyone for breaking the relationship or dumping each other. When someone dumps someone then it is far more difficult to figure out who is right and who is wrong. It is the only time that will tell you the truth so better not to judge it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl it is a possibility that you will get dumped by your partner if you are in a wrong relationship. Keeping a good and healthy relationship more depend on your mutual concern but not depend on your gender

Still, since it is been a popular myth in the society that all the nice guys are being dumped by the girls we will look at the what are the possible causes of this. What would be the thing for which girls dump nice guys.

Here are some of the common reasons why nice guys get Dumped always –

2. nice guys get Dumped


False promises

One of the biggest reasons why girls dump nice guys because most of the nice guys use to do a lot of false promises to the girls and when girls know the reality they dump the boys it doesn’t matter but you are nice or handsome. The reason behind this is that most of the nice guys who are usually good looking and are highly qualified think that they have a better edge towards the girls and the girls will believe in their words whatever they say without getting deeper into its reality.

Uneven Expectations

This is another prominent reason behind girls dumping the nice guys. Since most of the nice guys are not only good looking but they are also intellectual and simple. Considering those qualities sometimes girls misunderstood these guys and have larger expectations from these guys. There is a famous saying in English “Never judge a book by its cover”. Similarly never judge a guy by his face or his nature because the person inside the face could be different from what you are expecting and when reality opens girls take no time to dump such guys.

Too much physical obsession

This fact can not be neglected that when a boy and girl falls into the relationship they get heavily obsessed physically with each other. Boys are more prone to get physical with girls like holding their hands or kissing in their cheeks in public places like malls, parks and multiplexes. Not all girls like this attitude of boys especially in public places as they are more concerned about their privacy. They warn many times to the boy about their discomfort but if the boy don’t take this warning seriously and keeps on touching girls often then girls finally give up their patience and dump the boys for this.

More show off

Boys usually tend to show off more than the girls. This is a known fact because they want to impress girls who get impressed easily by this as well. But some girls are sensitive if you try to impress a girl more than your capacity girls don’t like this and finally dispose of the relationship.