Most probably you have already heard about microblading, which is semi-permanent and the newest version of eyebrow tattoos. They are delicate, super-fine hair strokes that have a natural and realistic look. The recent popularity of microblading has spawned microfeathering and microshading, which are the two approaches that offer a different brow look depending on the client’s preferences. The main differences between the aforementioned techniques are depicted below.


Microblading eyebrows are suitable for anyone who strives for a natural brow look that could last quite for some time. This approach uses a fine pen for the purpose of depositing pigment into the skin. The tip is able to create hair strokes that look legit. In addition to that, it should be mentioned that the needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin making the technique semi-permanent, unlike conventional cosmetic tattoos. In comparison to other techniques available, microblading is able to offer a natural appearance and also better simulates hair.

It is extremely difficult to state the exact cost of this procedure as it varies greatly. The price highly depends on the experience and expertise of a specialist just as it works with a natural health practitioner or dentist. However, if you expect to get a high-quality job you should budget for approximately $700 to $1,500.

Specialists advise cleaning the eyebrows with distilled water on a cotton pad and make use of aftercare cream every four hours after the microblading procedure. You should repeat that three times on the second day after the procedure. In the next five days, it should be done only in the morning and night. You might see that the eyebrow area is red and scabby, therefore, it is not recommended to schedule important events for the first two weeks. It is also advised to avoid going to the gym. It is explained by the fact that sweating around the eyebrows will restrict pigment retention and lead to an infection.

It is believed that microblading can last from one to three years. Although, it depends on the person’s lifestyle. There are several ways to expand the duration. It can be done by staying away from the sun since it can fade the pigment and also avoid putting exfoliants near the brows as they will lift the top layers of the skin with continued use.


This procedure is suitable for everyone who is looking for ways to lightly fill out the brows that they already have. This is a form of microblading and is a technique for the feathered brow and it is all about fluffy-looking and natural brow without needle shaping. Just as with microblading, a fine blade is used to create small incisions. The next step is inserting pigment into the incisions, which then results in the beautiful and natural-looking eyebrow. Microblading is able to create most of the brow for you while microfeathering makes use of existing brow hairs as a base and them fills it in as needed.

You should also be aware that microfeathering is a little more high-maintenance when compared to microblading. It requires in-depth consultation for the purpose of ensuring that a person has enough natural hair needed to help blend the pigment into the eyebrows. Microfeathering is a two-step process, which costs nearly $1,000. The first phase involves the creation of microfeathered strokes in a more dense area of the brow. After six or eight weeks, depending on the way your skin heals and responds, more strokes are added. Specialists say that everyone heals in a different way, therefore, it is better to complete the look when the skin recovers properly.

This procedure is not as long-lasting as microblading. Specialists say that it will typically last for eight to twelve months maximum. This is because of the fact that the pigmented strokes are finer and natural-looking, therefore it does not have the same staying power as microblading has. There are several important factors that determine how long the effect will last and they include age, skin type (oily skin is known for not being able to hold the pigment well enough), skin-care routing and many more.


This technique is applicable to everyone who wants their brows to have a complete look like filled in and thick. This technique is typically performed with the use of either a manual or an electric hand tool. It is able to create a powdered and soft effect that will resemble eyebrow powder. Apart from that microshading makes use of a stippling method instead of hair stroke, which is typically used with microfeathering and microblading. A stippling method utilizes repetitive dots of pigment. It is usually compared to pomade.

There are also people that decide to make use of both procedures: microblading and microshading. The reason for that is a candidate having thinning eyebrows with dry skin. Extra oomph of shading could be beneficial for thinning brows. There are numerous photos of people who have undergone both procedures.

It is also advised to check the artist’s portfolio before making an appointment. In this case, you will be also able to determine the quality of work as pictures are not able to hide a botched microshading or microblading job. Some people are highly concerned about the side effects of these procedures. However, if you visit an experienced and trusted specialist, you should not encounter any major difficulties.

Apart from that, you can ask the artist whether he/she a license or a certificate from the AAM. It stands for the American Academy of Micropigmentation. It shows whether the artist has completed proper training before working with clients. Although, you should keep in mind that if the artist possesses both of them, the price of the service is going to be higher. The price of microshading varies between $700 and $1,500. Microshading and microblading have the same lifespan meaning that you will have around a year to enjoy the effect and there will be no need to visit a brow artist for approximately one year.