When you buy a dress or a pair of jeans for a fashion store, it looks absolutely flawless without any blemish. However, you need to take a good care of your clothing to maintain them in top condition. We are talking about simply washing them in your washing machine but troublesome situations where you do not know what to do. For instance, you are getting late for a function but you do not know who to iron your silk dress. There can be hundreds of such problems that we face often in our everyday’s life. However, we are not just going to discuss the top fashion problems but offer the best solution for the same.

Getting rid of ink spots from your clothes

Did you just drop some ink on your favorite trousers or formal shirts? And now you are wondering how to get rid of the blemishes without harming the surface of the cloth. It is simple and always works, even for the tough spots. You just need to apply some aerosol hairspray or alcohol or even an anti-bacterial hand wash to loosen the grip of ink on the surface. Once you feel that the ink is dissolved, you can clean it off.

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Shrink you Cloth for a better Look and Fit

Sometimes, you might want to shrink your cloth to give them a perfect party look. But, how to shrink your cloth? The answer is pretty simple. You need to put the cloth for washing in your washing machine for the maximum cycle in a hot water. Once the cleaning is done, tumble-dry them at high temperature.

Getting rid of Lipstick mark from your clothes

Worried about the Lipstick spot on your dress? Well, you do not need to stress as it is very simple to get rid of such tough spots. You just need to get the spot wet with the help of a normal hairspray and leave it for few minutes. Now, take a clean piece of cloth, damp it in warm water and rub it against the spot to watch the mark disappear.

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Getting rid of chewing gum from your Jeans

We may accidently sit on a chair or a base with chewing gum on the surface. You only realize what you have done when you try to stand up. So, how would you get rid of this sticky chewing gum from the cloth? It is not that difficult. Put your cloth in a poly-bag and place it in your refrigerator. The chewing gum will now get hard and easily break-off. You can remove the hard and brittle chewing gum with a knife or a spoon.

Cleaning you Converse

Have your converse lost all their attraction and charm because of the dirt and you do not have time to clean them. It is not a worry anymore as you can clean them easily in your washing machines. For better cleaning, soak them in warm water with mild soap after removing the laces. Now, take a mesh bag, place your converse inside and put into the washing machine. Make sure that the water is cold and free of bleach.

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Getting rid of Wax from the surface of your cloth

Wax is easier to remove from the surface of your cloth as long as you know the trick and the right way. You need to place the cloth on a flat surface and place a tissue paper over it. Now, move the iron over the surface with paper in between. As the wax will melt, it will be soaked up in the paper, preventing your cloth surface from getting spoiled due to wax.