A laptop is one of the most valuable items of the 21st century. These portable laptops have become a part of life. No matter whether you’re a student or professional, a laptop is must have electronic device. But these portable computers are very vulnerable to damages.

A laptop bag is must have to provide that extra layer protection for every other laptop user. There are various types of laptop available in the market. So, to help you find a quality laptop bag, I’m going a list few factors that you should consider looking.

Intended Purpose

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You must decide the goal before shopping for the laptop bag. There are various types of laptop bags available in the market such as laptop messenger bag, laptop totes, and laptop backpack. So, if you are a businessperson, you should go for laptop tote as it will add value to your professionalism. If you are a commuter, then go for laptop messenger bag and if you are a student then go for laptop backpack as of course, you will be carrying other items too.

Perfect Fit

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A perfect is fit is essential to protect your laptop. Laptops come in various size so does the laptop bag. So, if you own a 15-inch laptop make sure you purchase a 15-inch laptop bag. If you buy a 17-inch laptop bag for a 15-inch laptop that means fit will be too loose which will lead damages during transportation of your laptop from home to office or college. Again, if you purchase a 13-inch laptop bag for your 15-inch notebook means it will not fit at all.

Attractive Style

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As laptop bags are carried to office, business meeting with client or business trips, many business professionals believe that it adds value to their professionalism. A high school or college going student is also concerned about the look of their laptop as they believe it represents their individual style to teachers

Designer laptop bags are the best options when looking for a fashionable laptop bag. But finding a good quality designer laptop bags for women is not an easy task. Top brands are McKlein, BFB, Haiku and lots more.

At the end of the day, laptop bag must reflect your unique personality. So be sure to check out the look of the bag before making the purchase decision.


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How well a laptop bag will hold is mostly depends on what type of material is used. In this 21st century, the manufacturer can construct a notebook bag out of everything. Here I will highlight four most commonly used material by the laptop backpack manufacturer.

  • Memory Foam is a high-density polyurethane foam. Memory foam is very effective at protecting the laptop. It efficiently absorbs the shock, soaks up the energy and distributes in a way which protects your portable computer from impacts and movements.
  • Nylon and Polyester are the most lightweight yet very durable material. But nylon and polyester material are not very good at absorbing shocks which are must be needed to protect your laptop. These materials dry out very quickly so it may protect your laptop in a light shower. But I recommend you to get a waterproof coating for your laptop backpack.
  • Canvas fabric is one the most durable fabric. A bag made of canvas fabric will last longer, but it will need extra padding for laptop compartment.
  • The leather laptop bag is the most stylish notebook bag. My personal favorite is leather laptop bag as these are very easy to clean and suits for every other occasion.

Multiple Compartments

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A good laptop bag comes with multiple compartments. It should include a padded compartment for your laptop, a compartment for your business accessories like documents, papers, etc. and few organizational pockets. Nowadays most laptop bag comes with a dedicated compartment for fragile items as well as media pockets.

Lockable Zippers

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If you’re a business professional who travels every other day, then lockable zippers are must have. You have to make sure all compartments of the backpack come with lockable zippers. If you plan to travel via airplane, then make sure you purchase TSA friendly locks. These TSA-friendly locks are the particular type of locks which allows TSA to open the lock without breaking it.


Laptops are very vulnerable to damages, so it’s necessary to provide an extra layer of protection while transporting. If you follow above recommendation, I’m sure you will find a perfect laptop bag.