If you are a diligent student, then studying might take up all of your time. You get tons of assignments of all types on all of your subjects. So, by the end of the day, you realize that there is almost no room for your personal life if you want to make it all happen.

But what if you have a high school sweetheart you really love and care about? How can you study well and still dedicate some time to building this relationship?

If you ask these questions, then don’t worry. You are not alone in this search for answers. Many young people wonder how they can study well and still have a boyfriend or a girlfriend as well as some social life going on. You are a student only once and there are so many opportunities out there for you. But unless you learn how to combine these two things, you will keep missing great opportunities.

So, we insist that our readers should save our tips if they want to have a personal life while still being students.

Ways to combine personal life and studies

  1.    Get organized.


Some people have a rather negative attitude to creating schedules and as a result cut off the nose to spite the face. Schedules are not a bad thing only snobs opt for. On the contrary, schedules can be of much help when it comes to creating a perfect balance between different areas of life.

Therefore, if you want to make it all work, concentrate on crafting a well-thought plan which will include both studying and having the social life.

The best part about having a schedule is that you can actually avoid experiencing too much stress at college if you plan all the activities ahead of time and as a result of proper time management, you will have more time for a boyfriend or a girlfriend than ever.

For a schedule creation, you will need a separate planner or a notebook where you can take notes and monitor how well you perform. Use sticky notes to remind yourself about meetings and deadlines while you are studying. All in all, get organized and think about it even before you craft an essay for college entrance.

  1.    Go online.

The reality is that you don’t have as much time as you would want to. And even when you have a few hours, that is not enough to stay in touch with your loved ones. But don’t get disappointed: that is what you need social media for.

Pick the social network you can make the most out of and use it to stay in touch with those you love. Text them when you have time, learn what is happening in their lives, and make your relationships deeper and stronger. Unlike the popular opinion that you cannot build the strong relationship via social media, many people have proven the opposite and found great friends online.

Building relationships online is not for everyone, though. Some people prefer to meet in person and talk privately instead of communicating via their phones. However, when you cannot speak in person because you live on different continents or have very busy schedules, then Skype or other media are your only choice.

In fact, try something different than merely talking online. You can watch something simultaneously while being on Skype or even have lunch together thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies. So, make the most out of them in order to balance personal life and college.

  1.    Say “no” to unhealthy relationships.

Some people or dates are not worth all the trouble with the schedule and planning you go through for them. So, consider taking a closer look at each individual you are sacrificing time and effort to. Not all of them truly appreciate it.

Thus, see if these relationships help you grow and become a better version of yourself, see how much the person values you as well as how important this relationship is to them, and make your decision only based on this. So, only work hard on the personal connections which are valuable to you.

  1.    Trust each other.


If despite all the efforts, you cannot organize the time to go on a date with your sweetheart, then the only thing left for you is to trust them even when not seeing them. Long-distance relationships can be really hard and you might end up feeling drained and exhausted unless you learn how to trust each other. You can remain happy and content only if you believe that your significant other is not flirting with other people on the side and is faithful to you both emotionally and physically at all times. So, cultivate trust in the relationship if you want it to survive through college.

  1.    Make surprises.

There is nothing like being creative and making pleasant surprises for your sweetheart even if you are miles away. It does not have to be something expensive, but the signs of attention can make all the difference in your relationship when you cannot see each other as often as you would want to.

Therefore, you can write letters. We do not mean texts you send each other all the time but real letters with stamps and everything. It is not hard but will remind your loved one how much you miss them and care about them. So, maybe you can dedicate some time to writing a letter tonight. No matter what your ongoing tasks are, take a couple of minutes and write something sweet. Then get an envelope and throw the letter in a mailbox on your way to classes. You will see what an effect such surprises can have.

  1.    Keep up with your sweetheart.

You should do your best to let your significant other know what is going on in your life. The thing is that your college life is so bright and packed with events that your loved ones feel odd out there. We do not say that you should share every little thing with them, as this way you will simply be annoying, but keep them updated on the main things which happen in your social life.

  1.    Plan things together.

To make sure that the time in between your visits is not too long, plan something together so that you have things to wait for. Go on a trip to some place you always wanted to visit, on a mission trip to a different country, visit someone together, or join student projects for a spring break. It is absolutely up to you what you want to do together. Make sure you have enough money for the plans you made not to ruin them at the last minute. So, opt for cheaper things first unless you work and can afford something more expensive than an average student can get. We are confident that such decisions can have an outstanding effect on your relationships. So, use it and enjoy the positive results it brings!

Love is precious, so take good care of your dear ones. And studying at college is not an obstacle here. Just remember to establish some ground rules and follow our simple advice to maintain healthy relationships. Do you have some additional tips to add based on your personal experience? Then do not hesitate and share them in the comment section below!