The movement lead by Boho-Chic fashion has come back and now, it is set for ruling across the world again. Other than the hold of this fashion in western style, you will find various Indian sartorial pieces in the twists of bohemian style. If you are hot Boho-Chic Fashionista, you should follow certain tips to get peppy, bright and positive look to go with the bohemian vibe.

Balance Your Attire Well

You may choose to wear sports’ tops equipped with playful beads, floral prints, embroidery and crochet work. Later on, you should pair your selected attire with culottes, wide-legged jeans, cut-off shorts and/or pants. If you want to wear Boho dresses in Indian style, you should look for earthy colors and unconventional prints available on the skirt.

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Look for Desi-Bohemian Details

If you are hot Boho-Chic Fashionista, you should pick up outfits, which have to detail, like lace, tassels and fringe, along with drawstring necklines and vibrant prints. Here, you have to play with prints instead of going with asymmetrical styles and low-high hemlines.

For instance, you should choose anarkali patterns in either solids or vintage prints. Later on, you should accentuate your look with other accessories. These include bangles, maang tikka, antique rings and necklaces. The bold, natural and free-spirited style is ultimate one for your accessories and clothes.

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Look for Various Boho Layers

Layering is a prime element in your bohemian look. The main aim here is to create a perfect balance to get a polished hippie look instead of not hiding in various clothing layers. You can add certain layers with a scarf or printed dupatta. Cotton or silk fabrics available in earthy tones of maroon, beige and blue and black are ultimate options for the look. Alternatively, you may try capes and long jackets to get the complete look. At the last, you should add paisley and floral print bags with various ethnic tassels.

Boho Chic Fashion with Oversized Clothes

You may try varieties of Boho chic looks with oversized clothes. These include tunics, maxi dresses, gypsy skirts, full bottom half and voluminous petticoats, all of which are perfect boho attires. You may also think of buttoned-down kurtas with collars and baggy shirts. Make sure to get broad belts. Even though you can go with vibrant prints and colors, you should mix your outfits with earthy boho palettes, like khaki, gold, grey, brown and black.

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Accessories and Footwear for Hot Boho-Chic Fashionista

Once you choose suitable outfits, you should look for layering them with traditional colors and prints, like floral veil designs in reds, greens, purple and other bright hues. Keep your feelings of hot boho-chic fashionista alive with varieties of accessories, like luxe belts, headbands, colored and chunky wooden bangles, hand-chained jewelry, handcuffs types of bracelets, beads, gemstones, anklets, gunmetal pieces, combination necklaces, chandbalis or stunning earrings. Along with this, you should look for mojris, chappals with fancy ladies sandals and other sandals or footwear options, which have desi vibes.

Make Sure to Keep Everything Minimal

Lastly, you should make sure keeping everything minimal whether it is makeup, accessories and layering to get a chick bohemian look. The key in this case is to highlight your natural beauty in terms of your makeup. For instance, you should choose a bare minimum foundation, a few of the warm eye shadow tones and nude lip colors. On the other side, if you want to get a bold look, you should try winged eyeliner combined with mascara.

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