If you have long hair, hair curls and waves would be one of your most frequent hairstyles. Hot rollers are a useful tool that is great to help you achieve the bouncy waves and curls without having to rely on irons or curlers. Hot rollers are not just useful for women with straight hair; in fact, the women with naturally curly hair can also use them to create a uniform and long-lasting curls and waves. Curls and waves can actually boost your appearance. That is why the right hot rollers are must-have for every lady out there. Read on to find out what are the best hot rollers for long hair.

Choosing the Right Size:

Considering the length of your hair and the type of curls you want, you can choose the right size of hot rollers for your hair. If you want to make natural curls, use bigger rollers. They help boost the volume of your hair at the roots. Smaller rollers make more tighter and random curls. All the hot rollers in a set should be of the same size. It is recommended to buy a set of 16 hot rollers for long hair to cover your entire head and hair volume.

Heating Mechanism:

Three mechanisms are used in heat-up rollers including conduction, induction, and steam technology. However, there are only two heating types for hot rollers including dry heat and wet heat. You should know the mechanism before you choose one for your hair styling. The most common mechanism on which hot rollers operate is the conduction. A set of conduction rollers come with a separate slot for each roller. Conduction rollers are heated before you roll them in your hair. Induction technology enables fast heating of rollers within approximately 5 minutes so that you can immediately start the styling process. Steam heated rollers require water and take time to form curls. However, they are not so invasive and the curls formed from steam rollers tend to last longer than curls from hot rollers. Dry heat rollers come with multiple heat setting so they are more versatile.

Number of Rollers in a Set:

Always remember to check the number of rollers in a set. The standard 8 rollers set is good for you if you have fine hair. However, ladies having thicker hair may need some additional rollers. If you have good hair volume, buy a set of 16 rollers. Also, make sure all the rollers in a set are of the same size. The longer your hair, the bigger should be your rollers. It’s recommended to use the same sized rollers as they give your hair a more elegant look.

Material of the Hot Rollers:

Hot rollers are made either of wax, sponge, plastic, or ceramic. Ceramic infused rollers are best for the ladies having natural slightly wavy hair. The heat emitted by hot rollers isn’t very invasive. Moreover, the ions emitted by hot rollers can help make your hair look shiny and healthy. Wax rollers usually produce long-lasting curls. The wax-filled core of the wax rollers is responsible for retaining heat longer. Hot rollers are most commonly made of plastic. The curls made using sponge rollers can usually last longer as they retain moisture.