Telfar Clemens, a fashion designer of the New York has recently debuted his collection for this fall/winter at the grand Palazzo Corsini Fashion Show. The show was hosted in the Florence City of Italy on this Thursday evening and there was a runway show staged above a circular table. A large number of famous models walked during the glitzy presentation, including Solange Knowles. Also, many high-profile figures walked in the fashion show, among which were Artists of Wu Sand and boychild.

Wu Tsang is a famous artist, filmmaker and performer currently stayed in an area between Berlin and New York. His work is related to marginalized narratives, hidden histories and the activity to perform itself. In other words, Tsang is involved in spans performance practices, videos and films. He wore a green velour pants and a teal shirt to perform walk in the Florence’s fashion show. Another major contribution of Tsang is that he reimagined gendered and racialized representations beyond the visible frame for encompassing shifting and multiple perspectives, by which we experience the exact social realm. Along with this, Tsang has strong interests in the way, movements may articulate emotional experiences, which may go beyond the language.

With Tsang, boychild, a performance artist donned himself a billowy pants and shiny black jacket with knee’s padding from the down. The fashion show also highlighted other belongings, all of which were set to perform live music under a leading band named Standing on the Corner. Besides, if we talk about the looks of other artists, they arrived as adorned with oversized jackets, stripes and many more. The report related to the fashion show also revealed that boychild started dancing when the musician Carrie Stacks and DJ started playing the piano and singing songs.



While talking about the key aspects of the fashion show, Telfar Clemens said that he designed the latest collections by getting inspiration from the art of Italy. He commented, “We have consistently watched various correlations between the clothes designed by our New York people and the clothes wearing by the people in the Italian paintings. Instead of making Florence as an influence, we only want to accumulate the stuffs and people living here.”

Starting from the foundation of Telfar in the year 2004, Telfar Clemens cultivated inclusive ethos to enhance the popularity of his brand. Another media highlighted that until now Telfar has designed uniforms for the staffs of White Castle restaurant chain. Besides, he was involved in various donation programs, which include fund bail for various minors imprisoned on Rikers Island of the New York. He also conduction donation programs via online sales. Telfar Clemens was also responsible for the drastic sales of a popular type of handbag named Bushwick Birkin, which retails from only 150dollars to up to 257dollars approximately.