Wearing vintage inspired clothing isn’t just a fashion style. It’s like a wearing a small piece of history. Something new, but old at the same time. We love when clothing is inspired by an era, events or personalities that we adore. If you have ever bought a vintage influenced piece of clothing, then you probably know the feeling: creating a picture in your head and imagining all the possible outfits that could be paired with your latest vintage inspired piece and impatiently waiting to get home to try it with other clothes. While wearing it, you’ll want to get the most out of it.

As with any other style, always make it simple. The most important thing is too feel comfortable and good in what you’re wearing. Decide if you want to go for a full vintage look, or vintage inspired and stick to it. If you prefer the full vintage look, you should try to find a combination that won’t make you look too “costum-y” and theatrical. Don’t overdo with too much vintage. Few vintage pieces per one outfit are recommended. However, a full retro style can look amazing when paired well and with style.

If you want to take a more modern approach, I recommend a vintage inspired look. A mix between something vintage inspired and something modern that’s hanging in your wardrobe can result in a great combination. Mixing contemporary and retro inspired will make you look very fashionable and stylish. How you will pair it with other pieces depends on the occasion and personal preferences.

We cannot talk about vintage inspired clothes, and not mention dresses as the most dominant and most popular vintage inspired item. Retro inspired dresses come in an array of different colors, styles, and prints. There’re plenty midi skirts, floral and polka dots dresses produced in the 21st century but looking totally retro. A full skirt and A-line dresses were very popular back in the 50s and 60s, and the best way to wear them is right on or above the knee.

If you want to look authentic, an oversized white floral shirt paired with a modern-looking textile along with contemporary hair and makeup will look great on almost anyone. Don’t mix modern and vintage just with your clothes, but also with your accessories. Another great combination is to pair your vintage inspired dress with some modern pair of shoes.

Choose what suits you the best considering your body type and skin tone. Many people think that they cannot pull vintage inspired looks. However, there are great vintage pieces for almost everyone. Check for similar outfits to see how it looks on other people. Then compare it and change to different combinations until you find the one the fits you perfectly.

If you want to look trendy and up-to-date, pick clothes that go well with current trends. Look for vintage clothes that are similar to what’s currently popular and trendy. Many clothing items that were popular in the last century are now making a big comeback. When it comes to accessories, custom jewelry is especially popular this year. Clothing Embroidery has also made a big return.

When it comes to accessories, vintage inspired jewelry is simple yet very elegant. Feel free to mix vintage-inspired jewelry with antique accessories. The best way to modernize your look is by wearing vintage jewelry with modern outfits.

If you like specific era or period in fashion, but you can’t find vintage clothes that are inspired by that period, sewing your wardrobe that’s tailored just for you will be totally worth it. 20th-century fashion had so many different styles and changes. Custom printed labels can give your vintage inspired clothes a dose of modern. Many manufacturers offer great professional design and a big range of different labels and tags.

Be inspired and creative. More importantly, have fun. Experimenting with different styles is all about having a good time and enjoying it. Finally, be brave and have confidence to fully embrace vintage inspired looks.